Which Pardusian Race Do You Belong To?

This is a quiz to determine which race you should possibly join when joining the game Pardus at http://pardus.at. It is also a fun quiz to take if you've already chosen your Pardusian race, and would like to see how closely your choice of race matches yourself.

The quiz is very simple and will only take a few minutes to complete - find out whether you should be a Ska'ari, Keldon, Human or Rashkir! Then, if you haven't already started playing Pardus, decide whether you agree with the results of the quiz and join the Pardus Universe!

Created by: Medea
  1. Are appearances important to you?
  2. Are you known for your brilliant logic?
  3. Do you adapt well to new situations and environments?
  4. Do you believe that war is the best way to resolve conflict?
  5. Do you have an IQ above 130?
  6. Are you scientifically minded?
  7. Are you a good negotiator?
  8. Do military notions of honour appeal to you?
  9. Do you often find yourself completing others' sentences or knowing what someone's going to say before he/she/it says it?
  10. Do you love exploring new places?
  11. Are you a fast learner?
  12. Are you naturally aggressive?
  13. Are you ruled by your head and good intellect?
  14. Do you have an insatiable desire to conquer the universe?
  15. Are you discreet enough to be a good spy?
  16. Do you look for fights in almost every situation?
  17. Do you believe violence should only be used in self-defence?
  18. Are you known for holding grudges?
  19. Do you prefer contact sports to more passive sports?
  20. Do you feel an affinity for the Empire, Federation or Union?

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Quiz topic: Which Pardusian Race do I Belong To?