How well do you know your race horses?

"And away they go!" These are the words said when the starting gates open in horse racing. Then they dash away, all battling to be the winner! So, how much do you know about race horses?

By the way, this is about SPECIFIC race horses, not the sport in general. Example: What horse won the 1972 KY Derby (that's not a question, and they're not THAT hard). But the questions aren't like: What is a race horse's rider called?Do you know all the greats? Show your knowledge here!

Created by: Ivy
  1. What horse won the 2006 Kentucky Derby?
  2. Which triple crown winner won the Belmont Stakes by 31 lengths?
  3. Who is the horse who has won more in race earnings than any other?
  4. *HARD* Which horse was scratched the morning of the 2009 KY Derby? (hint: he was the favorite).
  5. Who was Barbaro's jockey in the KY Derby?
  6. Who is the only undefeated triple crown winner?
  7. This *filly* was undefeated. She entered a match race against that year's derby winner and broke her leg during the race. She was put down :( Who was it?
  8. This horse was a nose away from the triple crown. But Birdstone beat him. Who?
  9. This filly got 2nd in the KY derby, broke both her ankles and was put down on the track. Who was it?
  10. Pick Answer C

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my race horses?