The Horse Breed Test

This is a quiz about the history of horses. This quiz tests you on the types of the breeds of horses and their history. Most of the questions will challenge your knowledge and are difficult, so do not be discouraged by a low score.

By the time you complete this quiz your knowledge about the history of horses and breeds of horses will be expanded. So, this might as well be a learn and find out quiz. Have fun taking this quiz!

Created by: Emily
  1. American Mustang: How many Mustangs each year do people adopt?
  2. Miniature Horse: What part of the body is a mini measured at?
  3. Morgan: Figure, {the oldest Morgan that ever lived} a Morgan, lived to be at least__ years old.
  4. Quarter Horse: Can a Thoroughbred beat Quarter Horse in a race that is short?
  5. Arabian: Legend says that Arabians hold their ___very high.
  6. Haflingers: This horse can live into it`s . . .
  7. Tennessee Walking Horse: At a 'running walk' the Walker`s hind foot steps past the front foot by as much as __ inches.
  8. Paint: Remember, Paint is breed, Pinto is a
  9. Welsh Pony: These ponies pulled___ in the time of Romans.
  10. Icelandic Horse: This is one of the purest breeds in the world. There has been no crossing for over____ years.

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