What breed of horse are YOU??

There are many wonderful breeds of horses out there, I chose four that I really like and are quite common. These four breeds can be VERY different, but are also alike in any ways.

So, which breed are you most like? All of these breeds are amazing, and if you are like any of them, you should be proud! If you didn't get the breed you wanted, feel free to do this quiz as much as you like.

Created by: hanoota
  1. You are a horse. You are on a trail ride, and the horse in front of you starts galloping. You _____
  2. You are a horse. Your owner washes you and makes you all pretty for a show. You _____
  3. You are a horse. Your owner comes to bring you in for a ride. You _____
  4. You are a MARE horse. One day a you are put in with a stallion. You_____
  5. You are a horse. You notice one day that a bar in down on the fence. You _____
  6. How much do you eat?
  7. You're a horse. The feeder accidentally skips you at feeding time. You _____
  8. You are a horse. A new pony is put in your pasture. You _____
  9. You are a horse. It is nighttime, and it is freezing out, but your owner forgot to put on your blanket! You _____
  10. You are a horse. Your owner takes you to do pony rides at the county fair. You _____
  11. What kind of horse do you want to be? (Does not affect your score.)
  12. What kind of horse do you think you are? (Does not affect your score.)
  13. What description is closet to yours?

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Quiz topic: What breed of horse am I??