A Bit of Drag Race Car Trivia Part1

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There are many race team wanna-bes but few ever make the cut to actually get to lay there hands on the distributor or carburetor of a high performance automobile that can accomplish a quarter mile in less than ten seconds. Racing is either in your blood or not.

Are you a piston head? Do you have the experience and knowledge to actually become a key player in an all-out racing team? You've often thought about it, and even dream about it. Now you can know in a matter of minutes by taking this ultimate racing knowledge quiz!

Created by: JR Ritter
  1. Where would you most likely find a part called the "Throw out bearing"?
  2. Which selection is most likely NOT a function of traction bars?
  3. For a little NHRA history trivia: Who was the Pro Stock star from the 70's that drove Chevy products and adopted the nickname of "Grumpy", even painting it on his cars like it was his middle name?
  4. Which of the items below is NOT part of a standard Holley 4-barrel performance carburetor?
  5. On a fixed axle rear wheel drive car, if your tires are spinning too much on takeoff, which of the following answers may possibly be a quick fix for this condition?
  6. What is being referred to when the expression "Deck Height" is used?
  7. What is "Valve Lash" in reference to?
  8. When making reference to the rear differential ring and pinion ratio it is directly related to:
  9. Compression ratio is too high when:
  10. In reference to camshafts, what is the "Lift & Duration" referring to?

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