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Welcome to the Amazing E-Race Lap 10! If you are reading this then you have successfully complete E-Race Laps 1-9, congratulations! I know you have put in a lot of time and effort and I do appreciate it.

For Lap 10 you will take a quiz that will challenge your knowledge on the Internet and the Computer. Most questions are related to the Laps from the Amazing E-Race 2. If you are unsure of an answer just take a guess. The answers will be revealed so you can reveiew them later.

Created by: Sharlotte Giberson
  1. An email is sent to multiple people, including yourself. You want everyone to see your response. To accomplish this you:
  2. You need to decorate a Bulletin Board with seasonal pictures. The best place to find pictures on the Internet is:
  3. Yahoo, Google and Ask Jeeves are all examples of:
  4. Your son/daughters birthday is around the corner and you want to make them a card. Which program would you use?
  5. The computer you are using is acting 'strange'. What would be your first step in trying to correct the problem?
  6. To shut down your computer you need to:
  7. The monitor is?
  8. To open Microsoft Word you would:
  9. Which of the following is NOT another name for the Internet?
  10. How many 'Internets' are there?
  11. The 'desktop' is:
  12. Your mouse isn't working, how do you move the screen up/down or left/right?
  13. Last question! You want to type a letter to the insurance company. The best program to use for this is:

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