Are you an internet self harmer?

There are a great many harmers out there in this world and it is a very serious issue, with a huge number of suffers. If you or someone you know harms contact nshn.

But for now a tongue in cheek look at those rare few, those talented few who have managed to take harming to a whole new realm thanks to the internet! A quiz not to be taken seriously, or maybe you should? take your mouse, giv eit a click adn see where you end up!

What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
What is your gender?
How do you express your innner most thoughts?
through the use of emoticons and excessive punctuation
through numerous odes and poems about your pain
i talk about them (online or IRL)
i write my thoughts in a journal/blog
how do you communicate when using message boards?
txt spk all da way!
In english with the correct use of grammar and punctuation.
in english but ommitting all punctuation
in english with a basic grasp of punctuation
After you have harmed what is the first thing that you do?
imediately log you distress before tending any wounds
wrap your bleeding stumps in tubi grip and then post of your mis hap
tend to the first aid needs of my excursion
post of my distress rush to A&E get treated badly rush home to harm again before posting of further tumult in my life
tend to the first aid needs of my excursion before discussing the incident and what led me to it
write a poem, blog the event, tell all of the crueltie of this harsh world pu a plaster on the arm that is hanging on by a thread, post to all and saundry about the pain you feel inside post again in the morning when the wound has failed to stop bleeding
which of the following best describes you?
a normal person who although troubled and driven to sh on occassion does not suffer from every medical ill
i accept that there are labels plastered on me and admit to having or currently harming yet do not blame the world only the circumstances that led me to it
i am a teenager, whose family doesnt love them, whose gf/bf hates them and i am in so much pain it is impossible for anyone to possibly understand where i am coming from and nobody believes the polethera of ill that asail my mind and body
i am a harmer but its not my fault because i didn't want to do it but then my mate said that i was fat and so i told them to go away and then they said that that was fine by them and they wouldn't miss my company anyway and that i was a liar so i od'd
i am my own person. life troubles me i fight back, but sometimes it is too much. but such is life
i refuse to answer such a personal question how could you ever possibly understadn the complexities of me and hope to put it in to a few sentances on a stupid internet quiz
do you believe that it is possible for others to undertand your pain?
no. my pain is unique how could anyone understand
no. they can only empathise
possibly if they have been in a similar situation themselves
yes, every human should understand anothers pain
the world is not ready to comprehend my pain
Do you believe that internet questionairescan provide you with definitive answers to real problems?
only the ones on professional sites
my medical diagnosises take place on the internet
no. not unless they are for a financial quote!
no all internet questionaires are fake
who knows that you sh?
only the professionals who help me
no-one IRL but i have support online
no-one, except my friends and the people who know me who are online on the same sites as me
only a select few who i trust
what do you feel is the purpose of this questionaire?
to mock me
to prove to everyone that i am a REAL harmer
humour for me and others
to prove to everyone that doesn't know that i do harm
what questionaire?
what is the purpose to anything life is a deeply dark pit of doom and this test is just another inch of darkness in that hell
do you think that you are an internet self harmer?
why do you think i am taking this test?!
i feel the idea of an internet self harmerr is repulsive and offensive we are all real!
Have you been honest?
who cares about honesty im taking this as a joke
why? who told you that i haven't been?

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