How Filipino Are You?

What is a filipino? Do they exist in this planet? Let's find out!!! Just keep answering these questions and you will know if you really belong in this brown race...

Are you a true blooded-Filipino? Do you do things that are very unfamiliar to others? If yes, take this quiz so you'll know what race do you belong!!!

Created by: renevi
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  1. Are your parents filipino?
  2. Do you have a dipper (tabo) in your toilet?
  3. Do you have lots of cans(sardines, luncheon meat, sausage, cornedbeef)displayed only in your cupboard for visitors to see?
  4. Is your sofa still covered with plastic since the day you bought it?
  5. You don't use toilet papers/tissues in your comfort room when you poop..
  6. You take old people's hand to bless(taking their hands to your forehead) as a sign of respect...
  7. You can't eat without rice in your every meal.
  8. When cleaning your house you use broom made from Baguio instead of a vacuum cleaner.
  9. You prefer eating with your bare hands than with spoon and fork!!!
  10. Do you like imported chocolates?
  11. Is there always a lechon (roast pig) when there's an occasion in your family?
  12. You call your girlfriend/boyfriend "syota."

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Quiz topic: How Filipino am I?