The Wallflower part 3

Happy Thanksgiving kids. I decided that I wanted to update all of these 6 parts on Thanksgiving as a surprise or treat. Anyway, I hope you enjoy, I worked my butt off.

If you haven't read yet, I have a 1000 viewers.So, it's official. I now have a new goal it's 1500. Can't wait until it's achieved. This actually took me by surprise because I figured no one would read my quizzes.

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  1. We road on in the car. The fumes of the heavily applied perfume and cologne mixing together was sickening. Soon, I found that I could barely breath in the oxygen and it continued to get harder. The objects around me were swirling around and I felt dizzy, falling into unconsciousness. I woke to see that my head was rested on Taylor's shoulder with his arm around me. I could feel his chest going up and down slowly, letting my head to rise and then fall. He wasn't wearing his hood anymore. He was now wearing a black T-shirt that showed his muscles. He was ripped. Apparently he was still asleep with his elbow propped up, holding up the weight of his head.
  2. I pushed his elbow as a sign for him to wake up. I'm guessing I pushed his arm a little too hard because his arm went the opposite way and his head fell by the pull of gravity and hit part of the car door. Whoops. He woke immediately alarmed. When he saw that it was just me, his face softened and continued back to looking outside into nothingness. As his back turned slightly, I noticed a damp spot on his shirt. I didn't. Did I? I guess I'll never know if I drooled on his shirt or not. I probably did since it wasn't there before. I was a little embarrassing to ask a question that you'd only say once in a lifetime. I didn't.
  3. The vehicle came to a stop and I stepped outside with Taylor right behind me, who was watching the rest of the area carefully. We headed inside of a 10 story high building with plenty of graffiti on it's walls. As we entered inside, I could feel the hot air gush past me and the chill went away. Not for long though.
  4. I always felt cold since Adam died. Maybe it's just a thing mourners get. What's weird is that granny passed away no less than a year ago, and I've never felt this chill. I guess there's some exception to this. Someone pushed the elevator button and we stepped inside. As we went up, higher and higher, I felt a pop in my ears. I was pushed into the precinct by the officers. I would know this place anywhere. This was the main police department in California.
  5. I was pushed onward to a room with glass walls and a glass door. From inside I couldn't see anything on the outside. It was one-way glass. I was seated down near a folding table located in the middle of the room. A police officer sat on the other side and two others gaurded the door. It's not like I'm a criminal. I'm just a witness. "When Adam was shot, did you see anything out of the ordinary?". "I did not. We had walked through that neighborhood a few times and nothing strange had ever happened. There was a van that pulled out of nowhere and started shooting at us.
  6. Adam covered me when we ducked, and you can see what the outcome of that was.". The officer wrote it down on a piece of notebook paper. I was almost on the brink of tears. Any talk of him or any pictures would make me break down and cry. They allowed me to go get water but as I was walking through the precinct, I saw pictures of Adam, his student ID, pictures of his dead body and the coffin where his body was laid last. I really couldn't take any more. I ran to the handicap unoccupied bathroom and locked the door. I let out sobs and cried so much it felt like a years worth of tears.
  7. I heard someone outside knock on the door. I stayed where I was, curled in the middle of the bathroom rocking back and forth, trying to calm myself down. "Hazel, please come out.". It was Taylors calming and melodic voice. I stayed where I was. I never wanted to come out. Just stay in this confined space where no one could hurt me. "Come on, open the door.". I stayed silent, feeling disobedient and rebellious. Except all my energy was lost. "I guess I have no choice.". I heard the footsteps go away and the sound became softer until I couldn't hear it. Then footsteps got louder and faster heading the way of the door.
  8. With a loud thump, kick and boom, the bathroom door was kicked down. Why can't I stay alone where no one hurts me? I felt slight warmth around me. I never felt anything these days. I looked up at Taylor who was cradeling me in his arms and smiling down at me. I felt my cheeks fill with color and warmth fill my entire body. I hugged him back and found that a whole crowd of officers were watching this little scene. "Isn't that a cute couple.". Said one of them. I was going to say that we weren't a couple, that were just mere friends, if even that. I really detested when people assumed things. I actually didn't seem to mind this though. Our little moment of bliss was broken by a cop rushing through the crowd heading toward us.
  9. Apparently he had to take a bathroom break real bad. Thanks to Taylor, we all had to witness it. So gross. Anyway, apparently the Witness Protection Program was packed full and wouldn't be ready to accept new clients until tomorrow. So, we would be staying at the station. By 'we' I mean me and Taylor. We did celebrate Thanksgiving though. We ate Chinese carry-out around a big table, or several small tables put together while they tried to solve another crime. I actually solved the puzzle and who the murderer was. The murder was of a famous shoe designer.
  10. It turned out to be the best friend who had the rights of the shoe company if the owner were to die. She was thinking of selling it and therefore the murder. What a wonderful Thanksgiving it was. After the case was solved everyone went home while we stayed behind. I actually got bored so I went inside the evidence locker while I was sure Taylor was changing into his pajamas. I opened a box marked 'case of the missing body and murder of Adam'. I dug inside for something. I didn't know what it was but, I just had a feeling in my gut it was in that box. I felt another cold shiver and looked down to notice a shadow behind me. Not my own. I rotated 180 degrees to find Taylor standing at the doorway. "Looking for this?".
  11. He held up a shiny engraved object. Adam's ring. He gave me the ring back and I gave him a bear hug. It felt quite weird but it was just on impulse. When I let go I put it on my chain once again. We laid down on the only sleeping bag and blanket there was. I constantly felt shivers. I now noticed that Taylor wasn't wearing a shirt, luckily he was wearing gym shorts. He had an eight pack. I shivered a few times, not that it was cold. He stayed on his side while I stayed on mine. We both slept on our sides not facing each other. When I shivered once more, Taylor rolled over to where I was and put his arms around me. I felt warmth again. It seems that whenever I'm with him, I feel something. One of his arms draped around meand I held his hand back. With him, I actually felt emotion. I think I've found happiness again.

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