How much of a gardener are you?

Out in the real world, you can show off your gardening skills through the beauty and bounty produced by your land and the work of your hands. But online, how will anyone know just how much of a gardener you really are?

Don't be a wallflower in those discussions about gardening. Even if you aren't an expert, let the world know just how much you really can do. Take the quiz, and in a few minutes you'll have a quick and easy way to let the gardening world know where you stand.

Created by: Renoir_girl
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  1. Do you buy small plants to grow to a larger size in your own space?
  2. Do you buy seeds and plant them yourself?
  3. Do you save seeds from one year to use in following years or to share with others?
  4. How do you feed your plants?
  5. How well-acquainted are you with your soil?
  6. Gardens mean bugs. How do you handle them?
  7. How does your compost grow?
  8. What plants do you grow?
  9. How have you learned about gardening?
  10. When do you start your gardening activities?
  11. How do your gardening activities for the year wrap up?
  12. What is gardening to you?

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Quiz topic: How much of a gardener am I?