Are You a Gardenholic?

Addictions and obsessions come in many forms. Gardening for many can be a pleasant pastime or a compulsion. A gardenholic, most often referred to as a plantaholic, is a person addicted to growing things in the dirt. Like the addicted followers of the Grateful Dead appropriately called Deadheads, would a garden addict be better named a soil head not a green thumb?

Are you addicted to gardening? Do you have the willpower to step away from the plants at the nursery, or whittle your $1000.00 catalog order down to less than $200.00? Get the dirt on your obsessions and compulsions by taking this quiz.

Created by: DebbieTT
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  1. The best time to garden is
  2. Winter is the time to
  3. I prefer to shop for plants
  4. When I see a high price for a rare plant
  5. How many garden publications do you subscribe to (including home & garden magazines).
  6. How many garden clubs or garden related organizations do you belong to?
  7. On average, I read something related to gardening
  8. How much time, on average, do you spend in your garden each week to maintain it during the growing season?
  9. Do you own a greenhouse?
  10. How many garden-related seminars, workshops and classes do you attend each year?
  11. How many garden related books do you own?
  12. How many forums or e-mail discussion lists do you belong?
  13. Gardening is

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Quiz topic: Am I a Gardenholic?