Which Flowers Are Deer Resistant? A Gardening Quiz

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Deer are all cute little Bambis until the day you decide to plant a garden. When you find your roses chewed up, your impatiens trampled, and your lilacs half-gone, the deer is no longer a lovely forest creature but a residential menace.

Every gardener who faces the problem of deer must quickly learn about deer-resistant plants or else find they've wasted a bunch of money at the garden center. Would you rather spend your summer cursing over the new damage you find every day, or head the problem off with careful plant selection? The choice is clear. But how prepared are you? Get graded on your knowledge of deer resistance and be ready to fight the good fight!

Created by: GTQ Guy
  1. A deer would never eat a beautiful lily like the one pictured above, right?
  2. You'd like to add some daffodils to your garden. Are daffodils deer-resistant?
  3. You have a shady spot in your yard which deer have access to. Do you plant hosta or spotted deadnettle?
  4. Hydrangea produces beautiful blooms. Deer avoid them, right?
  5. If you plant some oregano, it'll be fine. Deer don't find it as appetizing as people do.
  6. The late spring blooms of the peony are gorgeous, and thankfully deer are not interested.
  7. American arborvitae makes a great privacy barrier. But are they resistant from deer?
  8. You are debating between planting phlox or blue fescue. The deer are looking on from a distance. Which do you choose?
  9. Oh look, another shady planting area to fill in. Do you go with the beautifully-colored coleus or the lovely bleeding heart? Remember, the deer are lurking.
  10. Pachysandra will grow just about anywhere without needing much care. But will they offer themselves as a tasty treat?
  11. You love the beautiful dahlia flower. But is it going to be a yummy deer snack?
  12. Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. Which are the deer going to whet their appetite with?
  13. Which of these is a better ground cover for those deer-prone areas?
  14. Common boxwood can make a nice hedge, but unfortunately the deer will chew right through it.
  15. What's the story on morning glory?
  16. Poppies or petunias?
  17. Do you dare plant strawberries or will it summon the deerpocalypse?

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