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  • "Profile content is now divided into tabs. It is now possible to change the order your quizzes appear in, and they can be group"
  • "Right now these word searches aren't linked to accounts or anything, but that will be added. And stats etc. would be cool, too. It's somet..."
  • "Testing out a new feature, where you can make word search puzzles. https://ww..."
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    "I had been thinking about that actually. Like a leaderboard."
  • "Upper green is quiz categories, middle green is quiz comments. Orange is notification stuff, email messages, etc. The blues are miscellaneou..."
  • "Just to give an idea of what the database looks like. Each box holds a different set of data. The purple ones are quiz-related. Teal are u..."
  • "Eclipsestar228, it used to be visible before the update? Are you on a "New" 3DS, or an older version? Spice, where are you seei"
  • "Use the feedback megaphone links to report a problem, or post it here. If you can include the device you are using and a screenshot, that w..."

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