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    "(release version Fixed some problems with quiz linking. New users assigned an avatar icon. Settings page l"
  • "I get that, but the paragraphs are important for several reasons (aside from when people genuinely want to intro their quiz). One is search,..."
  • "Is anyone here experiencing this problem?"
  • @GTQ Guy
    "I would like to support iOS as well, but Apple hasn't added support for it unfortunately."
  • @GTQ Guy
    "The thing I've been working on over the summer, which is soon to be released, is notifications of two types. One is old fashioned email and ..."
  • "I spent most of today working on this problem, and hopefully now it is fixed."
  • "I feel like quiz comments don't get enough attention and can be improved. So I'm working on changes that will be finished soon. The new com..."
  • hi gtq guy
    "It's been relatively steady over all, but it's possible that fewer people are using the forums."
  • Various Questions and Ideas
    "Add a block feature I like the idea. It would be tricky to get the details right, like ensuring pages and post counts wo"
  • Various Questions and Ideas
    "1. Why are languages beside English not supported? I limited the allowed characters initially to prevent zalgo text, and"
  • Various Questions and Ideas
    "Hey, I'm not ignoring this thread. I will be back with answers!"
  • "Good question. According to Google Analytics, we're at about 1.4 million visits per month. Late 2017 through the first half o"
  • Thanks gtq guy
    "Thanks for the appreciation, ello! I do try to keep the site safe and appropriate for all users and ..."
  • Why is this censored
    "Is that really true? f---le. woah"
  • "Fixed!"

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