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90s kids know no other generation had it better than they did. The music, the toys, the trends that we all remember--what's not to love about the 90s? It was an optimistic time, with a rising economy and the dawn of the world wide web. We had new gaming consoles, beloved cartoon shows, and so much more.

Only 90s kids will remember much of the stuff I ask about in the questions below. Be ready to dig up some memories and enjoy the nostalgia trip. Let's find out how much of a true 90s kid you are!

  1. If you could see any of these performers in their prime live in concert, which would you choose?
  2. Your fondest video game memories are from when?
  3. What did you do with all your AOL discs?
  4. What does Clarissa do?
  5. Growing up there was a general sense of-
  6. What was your first notion of high speed internet?
  7. Complete the sentence: "Remember ALF? He's back, _______."
  8. When the tape in your cassette got pulled out, what tool could save your tunes?
  9. MTv was known for what?
  10. How many of these do you recall seeing for sale at mall kiosks? Hypercolor shirts, snap bracelets, Magic Eye books, Tamagotchi, chain wallets, Beanie Babies, shirts featuring Loony Toons wearing sports attire.
  11. Which Saturday morning cartoons did you watch the most?
  12. Were you more into flannel or Starter jackets?
  13. Did you ever "give props"? Say "your mom" as a comeback to an insult? Say something, then follow it with "psych!" or "not!"? Greet your friends with "'sup" and excuse yourself with "peace out"? See someone "go postal"? Ever roll your eyes and say "no duh", "whatever", or "alrighty then"?

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