How much do you know about Pokemon?

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Pokemon; an anime, a games series and a franchise which has formed one of the most solid, era-spanning communities of any form of media. Nostalgia streaks through this community, but we find ourselves in a day and age where the secrets and knowledge of the past generation, of my generation are lost in the new generations... I have formulated this quiz to test how many people still have that knowledge.

Well what are you waiting for, an invitation? If you're a Pokemon League champion show your strengths here, under these lights, in this arena. Prove yourself to be a true Pokemon Master!

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  1. Which were the first pokemon games released?
  2. Which was the first pokemon created?
  3. From what we see in both the Anime and the games what realistically does Giratina have control over?
  4. What is the most famous Glitch in pokemon history?
  5. In the original Concepts of the Three Legendary birds there were how many legendary pokemon?
  6. Name the first Primal form Pokemon.
  7. In the current games and generation, the term "Pokegods" refers to the creation Trio, with a few others. However from Version Yellow through to Emerald what did the term refer to?
  8. How many Pokemon existed in the 1st generation?
  9. Alolan Pokemon are pokemon which share the general appearance and shape of their species but have alternative weaknesses, strengths and colours. Name the First pokemon of this type.
  10. What series does the Trainer simply known as "Ritchie" Appear?
  11. "Zippo" is the nickname of what Pokemon?
  12. In the now Legendary bird trio who was the fourth originally intended legendary pokemon?
  13. Pokemon releases three games in most generations. and it is tradition by this point but where did it really start?
  14. What year was Pokemon Green released?
  15. What Year was Pokemon Yellow Released?
  16. Who was the original Mascot to the pokemon series?
  17. There is a Pokemon that shares similarities to Deoxys, name it.
  18. Which Generation did Lucario First appear in?
  19. In reality why is Mew so special?
  20. In Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Legendary pokemon can be found around the Over world, by reaching into circular Portals, which pokemon Creates these portals?
  21. In the Movie "Arceus and the Jewel of Life" what type is Arceus weak against?
  22. Which fan favourite pokemon is known for creating Black Holes?
  23. Is Digimon a Rip off of Pokemon?
  24. Is it possible to get a level 1 Giratina without cheating and without an event?
  25. One of these statements is true, which one?
  26. One of these Statements is Not true, Pick it.
  27. What does Diglet look like underground?
  28. Name the fastest non-legendary pokemon in the game through base stats. (By Series Logic)
  29. Which pokemon is #030 in the R/B/Y/G Pokedex?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Pokemon?