How well do you know the Pokemon franchise?

How much of a Pokemon fan are you? a good, bad one or a mediocre one? Just know that it doesn't matter if you don't know much of the games, you can always try ;) (P.s. if you find any errors please tell me in the comments!)

Coming from knowledge if you like random facts and so, so it's very ransom. Made specifically for fans and newcomers alike! Don't feel bad, try it out ;)

Created by: Thunder_Swift
  1. Which of the following is the first Pokemon to be created?
  2. Which of the following are known to be the "weather trio"?
  3. Which of the following has the ability of "flash fire"?
  4. What is super effective against psychic?
  5. Which of the following Pokedex entries correspond to Miltank in Gold Version?
  6. Who is Ken Sugimori?
  7. Which Pokemon was going to be the face of Pokemon franchise instead of Pikachu?
  8. Which of the following Pokemon is known to be in an episode of an unintentionally seizure causing an incident and has not been seen since?
  9. What level does Vaporeon learns Hydro Pump?
  10. What type in the Green, Red and Blue doesn't any that couldn't cause any serious super effective damage?
  11. What games were like sequels to the main series but were not?
  12. Which of the following did not have a evolution in the 4th generation?
  13. Which of the following weather conditions causes damage?
  14. Which of the Pokemon has the lowest stat total?
  15. Which Pokemon is the heaviest of the following Pokemon?
  16. How many fire types Pokemon did they introduce in the 3rd generation?
  17. What are Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon?
  18. What is the name origin for Lugia?
  19. Which of the following Non-Legendary Pokemon has the highest attack stat in the water type?
  20. Which of the following Pokemon can not learn Bug Bite through leveling up?
  21. What spin-off games that it was successful enough to start a series?
  22. Through what form does Scyther evolve into Scizor?
  23. What Berry wakes the Pokemon up?
  24. At the IV generation of Pokemon, How many Pokemon knows Levitate?
  25. What was the famous glitch Pokemon that appears in the Old man glitch in Pokemon red, blue and green
  26. Which Pokemon can you only get through breeding through a certain Pokemon and not available by any means?
  27. Which is the type that does not have a legendary within any of the games?
  28. Which Pokemon that appeared in "Destiny Deoyxs" that was from the fourth generation?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Pokemon franchise?