What Do You Know About Pokemon?

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Well This Quiz Is Made For Dragon Pokemon People And I Like Dragon Pokemon Too They May Be Hard To Train But They Are Powerful And Comes With Great Power And Speed.

Well Yes This Quiz May Be Easy But Its Still A Pokemon Quiz The Reason I Like Dragon Pokemon Is Well THERE SO COOL. .and powerful But.COOL Yeah There Awesome Hands Down Best Type Ever.

Created by: pokemonrulez6
  1. What Level Does Dragonair Evolve Into Dragonite?
  2. How Many Dragon Type Pokemon Were There In 1st Gen.
  3. Were Any Dragon Type Pokemon Added To 2nd gen
  4. In Gen 3 What Gym Leader Had The Dragon Flying Type Pokemon Altaria.
  5. Is Thundurus A Dragon Type Pokemon?
  6. What Are Dragon Types Weak To
  7. Are All Legendary Pokemon Dragon?
  8. You Think Too Yourself "Why Are All These Question About Dragon Types?" Well There A Reason For That But Im Not Gonna Tell U Probbly East To Tell But Whatever Ok The Question What Pokemon Was Post To Be A Dragon Type Pokemon But Was Changed?
  9. What Types Of Attacks Don't Do Much Damage To Dragon Type Pokemon
  10. Last Question This Has Nothing to do with dragons yay! Ok The Qustion What Pokemon Created The Pokemon World?

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Quiz topic: What do I Know About Pokemon?