The Giratina Quiz

Giratina is a big,powerful ghost-dragon type.It is the only one who has such a combo of types.It is a Lgendary Pokemon in history.he is one of the most powerful pokemon ever.

Do YOU know alot about him?Do you have what it takes to become a Giratina Brain?Until know you could only wonder.But with this great quiz,it takes up only a small amount of time to know!Now,go on!

Created by: Aqil

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  1. Giratina is the mascot of what game?
  2. What dual-type is Giratina?
  3. Name the two other members of its trio.
  4. What trio is it part of?
  5. Which region is it from?
  6. Name Giratina's two formes.
  7. What is the name of its signature move?
  8. What is its main colour?
  9. True or False:it has a gem on its body.
  10. Does Giratina have wing in its Altered Forme?

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