Ritwick's pkmn test

iratina has many differences from the other members of its trio: It is the only member of the trio that does not have the first letter of the game it is mascot to match the first letter of its name. It is the only member with form differences. Its HP is its highest stat rather than Special Attack. It does not have a type-enhancing item in Diamond and Pearl (this item is introduced in Platinum). It is the only member whose signature move is not a Special or Dragon-type move. It is met at level 70 in Diamond and Pearl while the other members are met at level 47. This is reversed in Platinum. It is the only one of its trio without a jewel on its body, and therefore cannot learn Power Gem. It is separated from the other members of its group in the Pokédex by Heatran and Regigigas. It is the on

Moves marked with an asterisk (*) must be chain bred onto Giratina in Generation V Moves marked with a double dagger ("¡) can only be bred from a Pokémon who learned the move in an earlier generation. Moves marked with a superscript game abbreviation can only be bred onto Giratina in that game. Bold indicates a

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  1. Though Empoleon is a steel type, it only learns one steel move by leveling up. What is the move?
  2. The only Water type starter that can't learn water gun is......
  3. The only Pure flying type is....
  4. The highest pokemon with Hp is Blissey . So who's second?
  5. The pokemon with the lowest stats is...
  6. Which non-legendary pokemon has the highest speed stats?
  7. Which baby pokemon has the lowest attack?
  8. Which non legendary-Pokemon has the highest attack?
  9. Which baby pokemon has the lowest defense?
  10. Which Pokemon has the highest defense?
  11. Which pokemon has the lowest Sp. Atk?
  12. Which non- legendary pokemon has the highest Sp. Atk
  13. Which non-legendary pokemon has the highest Sp. defense
  14. You use what color apricorn to bet a heavy ball?
  15. You sell a repeat ball for......
  16. In every generation, what is TM 14 (They all have the same name)
  17. In every generation, what is TM 6 (Same name in every generation)
  18. In every Generation, what is TM 44
  19. In every generation, What is TM 15
  20. In every generation, what is TM 22
  21. In every generation, what is TM 25
  22. In every generation, what is TM 26
  23. In every generation, what is TM 28
  24. In every generation what is TM 29
  25. In every generation, what is TM 32
  26. What is Cherrim's ability
  27. Exeggcute ability is....
  28. What is Gym leader Blue's first Pokemon?
  29. True or False : With the Toxic Plate, Arceus is the only poison type legendary
  30. Which one of the following pokemon are NOT a baby pokemon
  31. Magikarp is the weakest pokemon known to people. However there are 7 pokemon weaker than it. Which one of these are NOT weaker than magikarp?
  32. The highest Non-Legendary Pokemon with the highest stats are....
  33. A red apricorn will make what ball?
  34. You sell a dusk ball for how much?
  35. One PP costs...
  36. One great ball costs.....
  37. A yellow apricorn makes what ball?
  38. What color is a shiny sableye?
  39. What berry restores 60 Hp?
  40. Moomoo milk restores How much Hp?
  41. True or False: Lum berry cures poison and sleep
  42. Mental Herb snaps the user out of.....
  43. What does a Wise Glasses do?
  44. What does damp rock do?
  45. Last Question: How much does Giratina Weigh?

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