Pkmn Quiz 2nd part: Fire

If you came upon this though the link, then I hope you like your Match, and if you just found theis on the new list or something, please take the original one to see which type you are most like first. :)

Enjoy the a. second part of the quiz! I hope you get the pokemon you wanted! And if you are curious, feel free to take the Water and Grass quizzes to see which of those you relate to! :D

Created by: Kitty
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which on do you like better?
  2. Are you more...
  3. Would you rather know...
  4. What terrain would you live on?
  5. Which skill would you have after your final stage of evolution?
  6. Would you rather be the...
  7. Which sounds more appealing?
  8. What body type do you have?
  9. Which do you like better?
  10. Which region do you like the best?

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