You are so great for picking my quiz. People always say you are the bomb and you are so smart. I hope they will say that to you one day instead of me. If you are fat you will keep on getting made fun of. Just because people make fun of you does not mean you make fun of them. Because when you fight fire with fire you just get a bigger fire.

you are so smart. you totally rock. i hope you like this quiz. have fun i just have cuple of rules do not make fun of any one ever then exercize. have fun have a very lot of fun and dont fight fire with fire copy that and you are ready to take my quiz.

Created by: Paige
  1. Can you see your feet when you look down
  2. Do you run for food every hour
  3. When you jump does your belly bounce up and down
  4. do you sneak food at night
  5. do you where womens clothes
  6. have you ever had a boyfriend
  7. can you where jeans
  8. do people make fun of you
  9. can you run a mile with out huffing and puffing
  10. can you run a mile with out huffing and puffing

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Quiz topic: HOW FAT am I