my first quiz! (random stuff)

There are many smart people, but few people who are not. None of those not smart people are you! You are totally smart! Thanks for picking my quiz! :)

Are YOU a genius? Do you have the brainpower to qualify for that prestigious title even though you might not know what it is? You are a genius and everyone should know that!

Created by: Midnight4eva
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Welcome all! I'm Midnight
  2. What's your favorite color?
  3. Would you rather kiss a frog or eat a bee?
  4. Would you rather get naked in the winter or wear lots of clothes in the summer
  5. Do you have to pee or poop?
  6. Your in class doing your math test when you feel the urge to pee. You ask your teacher to let you use the restroom but they say if you do you will fail.
  7. You're playing video games and you're supposed to do your homework. You hear the door start to open and..
  8. Do you like books?
  9. Unicorns or Rainbows.. which one is better?
  10. Last question.. have fun?

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