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  • Role-play? PLEASE?
    "I'll join but idk a plot"
  • Warrior Cats!
    "My clans are Summerclan and Autmnclan"
  • anyone wanna rp?
    "Midnight followed the person, till they stopped. Perfect timing, She thought and killed them."
  • anyone wanna rp?
    "Midnight flew down on another branch, to get close to her victim."
  • anyone wanna rp?
    "Midnight watched as someone walked into the forest, Alone. Perfect.. she thought."
  • anyone wanna rp?
    "Hmm, who should i kill first? Midnighg thought smiling"
  • anyone wanna rp?
    "Midnight flew off of the tree to look for victims ready to be killed."
  • anyone wanna rp?
    "If it's ok with flamingwolf"
  • GTQ Guy
    "I'm not one of those little kids. Besides, what quizzes do they take?"
  • anyone wanna rp?
    "Ok Midnight sits on a tree branch watching the sunset"
  • anyone wanna rp?
    "Name : Midnight deman Age : 18 Gender : female Looks : green eyes, black hoodie, navy blue jeans Other : also a"
  • anyone wanna rp?
  • anyone wanna rp?
    "You can choose I'll go with anything you like"
  • anyone wanna rp?
    "Anyone wanna rp?"
  • "If i had that i would freak out"

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