How well do you know my charries?

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So, yeah. This quiz is exactly what it sounds like. It's to see how much you know about my charries! From my main characters like Ashlyn and Natalia, to my less known characters like Flick, you can test your knowledge on them with this quiz.

I don't really know what to type now. It won't let me reuse the first paragraph so... Bleh. I don't like typing random stuff. Wait, that's a lie. I LOVE typing random stuff!!!

Created by: kitty1802
  1. What is the name of Ashlyn's son?
  2. Who is Ashlyn's ex-boyfriend?
  3. Who is Ashlyn's current boyfriend?
  4. What is Ashlyn's relation to Natalia?
  5. Who is Natalia's boyfriend?
  6. What species is Flick?
  7. Who is Ashlyn to Flick?
  8. What color is Ashlyn's hair?
  9. Who is Ashlyn's mom?
  10. Who is Ashlyn's dad?
  11. Who is Flick's dad?
  12. What color is Flick's hair?
  13. How many children has Ashlyn had?
  14. How many LIVE children does Ashlyn have?
  15. What species is Ashlyn?
  16. What is the name of my first charrie?
  17. Who is the father of Ashlyn's live son?
  18. When Ashlyn and Ares broke up, who broke up with who?
  19. What was the main cause for Ashlyn and Ares' issues?
  20. Which book character often appears with Ashlyn and Flick?
  21. Who was the father of Ashlyn's dead son?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my charries?