How well do you know my soap charries? 3

This is a one of those quizzes about my soap characters, They're alot of them, some I forgot. Are YOU a follower of my soaps? I have done alot, i couldn't find most of them though. Still, are you good enough and part of the soaps enough to get 100%? Are you a Good soap remeberer? Well, In this Edition of How Well Do You Know My Soap Charries, We'll find that out, Plain and simple. Fair and square!

Yeah So, That's all I really have to say. The last paragraph was basically all of it. XD I failz much. SOOOOO MUCH!!!! BLAH XDDDD Lol. I love me. So much.

Created by: OZZYIOMMI

  1. What did Buddy not like about Yelludae's killing?
  2. Ozzy said 'You dun like THIS' to Lindsey. What did Lindsey not like?
  3. What was Ozzy's class AFTER Math? (In the Valentines Day Soap)
  4. Who was Willow with in the Cabin?
  5. (This one is hard) What was the shape of the building that Donny built?
  6. What was Marshall's last dream?
  7. What did the kids do to Grant?
  8. How many miles was Randy going over the speed limit?
  9. Who is Jarrod's step-brother?
  10. What did Randy's dad cut him with?
  11. When Randys' father scraped a Razor down Randy's back, which of my soap charries is that a blatant reference of? (This ones hard)
  12. 'Now~' He muttered and dropped down, and shot into the sky, Then Started Flying. Who 'Started Flying'?
  13. Who was 'Perched on a stone fence, High up'?
  14. Who kept using French Terms with Kai?
  15. Who's brother was Connor?
  16. Who's nickname was Leap?
  17. Who was sitting silent, Since the wind had died?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my soap charries? 3