how well do you know my Soap Charries?

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Eclipse blinked open her eyes, to see a herself in the middle of the forest, under a tree. The wolves sat around her, staring at the sky. She yawned, head pounding. Blood in her face..she laid back again, asleep. She woke, crying slightly..

The world faded around her, till all she heard was the breathing of the phantom wolves beside her. She was'nt dying from the crack in her skull, she was dying from the gash in her head. The blood loss. And the fact she was already killed 5 times, it did'nt hurt her to leave. She knew no one would miss her..well they would, but a couple weeks and they'd be over her. Besides, her family was basically dead... Her breathing slowed, and the world darkened, till Eclipse slipped away...

Created by: Hephaestuschild

  1. How many times has Eclipse died?(i had to ask.xD)
  2. Who is Ivory's kids?
  3. The first character for me to kill in the revise of the soap was?
  4. Blue was'nt a heph original. Who gave me her and her sibling's idea?
  5. Ever is mother to Rontu, but who's the father?
  6. Eclipse's Father is..
  7. Azurretti is who's big sis?(Think hard)
  8. Who is Gabriel's girlfriend?
  9. Rontu calls Eclipse what and why?
  10. Elix pretends to be Eclipse's twin why?
  11. Last question for now, Which way has Eclipse NOT died?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my Soap Charries?