How American Architectural Are Your?

Just wanted to check and see who really knows this place we all call work. If you scored high, congrats! You truly know and understand the soap opera dynamics of this office!

If you scored low, maybe you should open your eyes! Re-evaluate your position, or question if this really is the place for you. Chances are it isn't!

Created by: Adam
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  1. What time do we start work in the office?
  2. How would you describe your work ethic?
  3. If you asked 3 different people in this office the same question, how many answers would you get?
  4. Who is the mostly likely to fly off the handle?
  5. The most swearing in the office comes from?
  6. If you ask Karl for something, he would most likey respond with the following.....
  7. Would you ever ask your office manager to call Sweden to tell them to change their phone system?
  8. If you were to get a tattoo, what would it be?
  9. When John or Mary page Jimmy, you think.....
  10. Is your work station over run by buckets, tarps, and water?
  11. John Melching is.....
  12. If someone refers to the DOJO, do you know what they are talking about?
  13. If someone is participating in "Operation Night Flight" they are doing what?
  14. How many monitors do you have at your desk?
  15. If you're title is PM, you are.....
  16. Finish the following phrase; "Start thinking about lunch, because.....
  17. Who would you hear the phrase "New Rule" coming from?
  18. If John asked you or told you to do something....

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Quiz topic: How American Architectural am Ir?