Do You Know American Idioms?

This is a short quiz on American (US) idioms. It is not easy to be an American Idiom Genius because there are countless idioms to keep track of. But, who knows!! Are you or are you not an American Idiom Genius? Try it and find out for yourself!

What is YOUR brainpower for being an American Idiom Guru? Do you think you know idioms? If so, prove it to yourself that you got the brainpower to get the title! Good luck, but don't feel bad if you don't get the title; American Idioms are a real challenge!

Created by: Teacher Smarter Dragon
  1. An American might say a sentence that includes someone "takes pains," which the meaning is:
  2. Your US friend says he was not born with "a silver spoon in his mouth." He means what?
  3. While vising San Francisco, you hear two Americans talking and one says, "We'd better 'keep on our toes' after dark in this neighborhood." What did "keep on our toes" mean?
  4. Your American teacher in language class tells you that you and she often "see eye to eye" with each other. What did she mean?
  5. You met a new American friend on the bus and he said that his new job in town is "cut and dried." You are now wondering what the phrase means:
  6. While eating in a busy restaurant, you overhear (likely Americans) at the table next to you say, "You don't have to get carried away," and you wondered if it means:
  7. Two foreigners, probably Canadians or Americans, were talking and one told the other, "Yesterday, two guys had it out with each other." But, what did this mean?
  8. Two well-dressed Americans on TV were talking and one said the other had "sold out" on him. Then, a commercial came on and you never found out that the phrase means:
  9. One day while you were visiting New York, a store clerk was telling another clerk that some customers seem to "beat around the bush." This phrase probably means:
  10. While on the high-speed train, you overhear two foreigners, probably Americans, and one says to the other not "to stir up" anything at work today. That probably means:

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