The Were You Born on the Wrong Side of the Border Quiz

Are you proud to be an American or do you frequently wish you could start your own island and populate it with Barbara Streisand and Sean Penn? Do you love spending time in the No Spin Zone or is Amy Goodman your secret crush?

When you go to foreign countries do you pretend to be Canadian? Is being American your secret shame, like eating Little Debbies or watching Maury Povitch? Do you proudly wear a tiny American flag on your lapel or are you busy saving your money for a one-way ticket outta here?

Created by: Birkie of MySpace
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  1. When you see an American flag, you:
  2. Your position on illegal immigration:
  3. Celebrities who use award shows as a forum to express a political agenda:
  4. Your first thought when you hear the word "football."
  5. What is your primary mode of transportation?
  6. Have you ever or would you ever consider serving in a branch of the armed forces?
  7. Have you ever felt sorry for the Dixie Chicks?
  8. How do you feel about the word "God" on your money?
  9. Do you think there's anything to the 911 conspiracy theories?
  10. Do you like the movie "A Christmas Story?"

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