Are you a American girl experts.I hope you are,if you want to play American girl games go to American Addy,Kit,Molly,Kaya and more.

Are you a genius?Maybe you are one and maybe you aren't.But if you are be very wise.Please, purity please play the American girl first thank you for studying.

Created by: liza

  1. Emily Benet came to America from England because?
  2. In 1934 who lived in the depression?
  3. Who was Samantha's best friend?
  4. How many relatives does Josefina have?
  5. Kirsten brought home what animal?
  6. In what year was Addy a slave?
  7. Felicity's Grandfather was a?
  8. Molly was what for hollowene?
  9. Kaya is what?
  10. Julie likes what sport?

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