Faded Red: Sparkling lips

This is about a girl called Sparkle. Her mother died, her father is always working and she doesn't get on with one of her sisters. But she does have

great friends and a great younger sister. She ends up running into five really hot guys, well staring at them. She has already made a fool of herself in front of them. But she really wants to meet them and her friend Andy missed out on seeing them. Making a promise to each other they will call each other when they see them. Sparkle ends up coming into the middle of something she doesn't want to be in.

Created by: singin234

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  1. I smack my lips together and carefully put my clear fruit lips gloss down. I bring my phone to my ear, "Hey Abby" I say nervously. I rub my lip gloss more into my lips nervously. "Hey you know what I see hot guys I call you" She tells me, I can picture her cheeks turning a light red. I nod and start fixing my hair nervously. "Yeah," "Well five insanly hot guys are down at the beach, hurry up" She tells me, I garb my car keys and walk downstairs. "Abby, that's all the way on the otherwise of town" I tell her I walk out the door. "I'll see you there" She says and hangs up. I swing open the car door and get in. "Hey Spark where you going" My younger sister Ella asks coming outside. We don't look anything alike, she has blond wavy hair with clear green eyes. While I have dark brown hair, almost black and fuzzy blue eyes. "The beach to check out some guys. Want to come" I ask, I am really close to Ella. Unlike my other sister Jessica. "Yeah" Ella hops in beside me. She is fourteen, I am eighteen and Jessica is seventeen. I have just left school. We start driving, "so El got a boyfriend" I ask. Her cheeks turn red, "yeah it's Joel" She tells me. I silently cry in my head, not that guy. "Cool" I say and nervously turn on the radio.
  2. "So you kinda missed them" Abby laughs nervously. I sigh "I wasn't really looking forward to seeing them anyway" I tell them looking out at the big blue sea. I not a fan of the beach, it makes my legs ich, it's hard to run in the sand and I don't like the dirty water. But I'll swear a swim suit and tan. I not that girle but I am lazy. "Oh El sorry there they not your age. They are like nineteen and so-oh look there they are" Abby said and pointed to five really hot guys. The guy in the middle has his hands behind his shoulders. Stretching. Black hair with sparkling blue eyes. Sexy. The guy on the right of him is looking drown at his orange phone. Brown hair and eyes. Super cute. On the left of the guy in the middle is staring at girls. He has black hair and green eyes. Super hot. On the otherside of him is a guy looking out at the ocean. Dark brown hair and amber eyes. Very good looking. The last guy who is on the otherside of the guy with brown hair and eyes is looking up at the sky. He has sky blue eyes with blond hair. He looks shy, so cute.
  3. "They are so hot" Ella sighs, I can't contain my laugher. So I bust out laughing, people stare at me like I am crazy. But Abby and Ella. "Spark" Abby warned. My real name is Sparkle, but my dad did want a boy. So if my real name was Sparkle and people call me Spark it sounds like a good name. So mum and dad were happy. But I don't think they realize how weird the name is. "I am sorry" I tell her pushing my hair put of my eyes. Ella smiles and grabs my hand, that's how close we are. But this means she wants something. "What to you want" I ask her, she smiles a very cute smile no one can resit. "I am hungry," "no" I snap back at her. "Buy your own lunch" See I go broke very easily. I brought a $30 bag and I don't even use it. "I forgot my wallet" She tells me. "So, not my problem" I say pulling my hand away and I start walking to the shop. "Dont worry sweetie, I'll buy you lunch. Aunty Abby's treat" Abby tells her. "Hey wait up Spark" They say running to me.
  4. "No" Ella tells her, Abby starts telling her a funny story. I sigh, this place sucks but the food is good. Ella and Abby start laughing, I don't even know what story she is telling. I look out the window, the guys are walking into the shop. I feel my heart skip a beat, what is this feeling? I have never felt this way before about a group of guys. Not even 1D! I am not the type of girl who goes crazy about boys. I am not boy crazy. The sound of a bell rings and the smell of the sea air comes to my nose. They guys walk in, I can see Ella staring at them. Wait is Abby drooling, I put my hand over my mouth to keep me from laughing as Abby's spit falls onto the table. Everything is quite until I can't contain my laugher. I bust out laughing again, everyone stares at me. I take a huge breath, "Sorry" I say loudly. I walk out of the shop and laugh again. Then let out a small cry, I can't believe I embassed myself in front of five hot guys. My cheeks start to go hot, oh no I am blushing. This isn't good. I sit down under the shade and sit on the sand coving my face with my knees. I am such a dork, I look up at the blue ocean and hug my knees. "Sorry Miss" A kind voice says shyly. I look up to see the guy with the blond hair and sky blue eyes. "You dropped this" He hands me my wallet. "Oh thanks so much. I would of died if I hadn't found this" I say but cheeks burning. He smiles a really cute smile. "Thats alright" He says cutely, my tummy flips. No really up inside its doing flips. Great I have that feeling again. "What's your name. I am Sparkle please call me Spark though" I tell him putting out my hand. I regret it though, it must make me look so dumb. "Sky" He says shaking my hand. His hand is warm and soft. "Like you eye colour" I bust out. I start blushing again, I don't think I ever stopped blushing really. He laughs "Well people have said many things about my name but that's new" I blush even more. "Well I'll see you around Spark" He tells me shyly and starts walking away. "Later" I call to him, I sigh. This day is going pretty good.
  5. 'Skate Park' The sign reads. Under it is f u and other swear words such as that. "Hey guys is Andy here" Abby tells out to skaters. Andy is a girl that hangs here and is super tough. "Hey ladies," Some guy says winking at Ella. He looks seventeen. I push him to the ground. "Now where is Andy or I'll kick your butts" I yell, everyone looks at me and points to a tunnel. "Thank you" I yell and walk to the tunnel. There Andy is making out with some guy that has a smoke in his hand. Yuck. "Umm" I say, they stop kissing and the guy rides away on the skate board. "Hey girls, that was a test to see if he was a good kisser. He is but he smokes" Andy tells us. She has short black hair with red streaks with yellow contacts. Thinking about it Abby looks more like Ella's sister and Andy looks more like Jessica's. Abby has long wavy blond hair with small hight lights of light orange. Also green eyes. Jessica has long black hair with some red and blue streaks. Grey eyes. "Okay" I say, looking at the ground. "I was wondering if you wanted to sleep at mine tonight. Come around six, Ella is not coming just us three" Abby asks, she nods. "Yep I'll be there, now who told you I was in the tunnel. I need to make sure they can only tell you and no one else" Andy asks clenching her fists. "I don't know" I say as Abby and Ella start walking away. I walk behind them and then turn around. "But if you do find out" I smirk "Go easy on them Andy" Then I walk away and back to the car.
  6. "where they really that hot. Was one goth" Andy asks, we told her about the five hot guys. "I don't know. But I think three or two looked like bad boys but I think one was a bad boy" I tell her, she are sitting on Abby's blue bed. We have known each other since year one or less. Mainly all our lives, are fathers do business together. Out mothers were great friends as well but they all died in a car accident. Together. Abby turned out the girly one. Andy the tough, goth one. Me? I turned out a mix. "Dam I wish I was where. Why didn't you call me" Andy asks. Abby smirks "I didn't think you would be into it" I smile. Andy doesn't make effort for guys. "Fine then next time one of us see them we must call each other" Andy tells us. We all nod, "Deal" We say together. This might turn out to be kinda fun.
  7. *~*That is it for now*~* I hope you like it, don't forget to press summit. Also the next one will be better. It will also have more and more detail. Maybe... Anyway I hope you liked it and please tell me if you did my commenting.
  8. *~*That is it for now*~* I hope you like it, don't forget to press summit. Also the next one will be better. It will also have more and more detail. Maybe... Anyway I hope you liked it and please tell me if you did my commenting.
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