Love and Darkness part two

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Chad: He has dark brown hair and brown eyes with a tiny piercing on his left eye brow. He is tall with decent muscles with a light tan that really turn the heads of the girls around. Has an amazing smile when he sings and plays the guitar. Randy: he has golden somewhat- long hair, light hazel eyes, and red lips. He has skinny muscles for taking dance classes for some time. Ray: short blond hair, red lips, amazing blue eyes with pale skin. He is tall with a very puffed up body full with muscles. He is taking sports seriously.

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  1. So i grabbed my books and jacket to enter the compass. Then I heard someone saying near a whisper "pssssst.. look behind you". I turned around and saw Chad standing
  2. chad was standing behind me with a large bouquet of flowers handing them over to me "happy birthday sweet -----" he said. And then he held me gently "awww Chad you remembered"! I said. "sure I did.. I never forget your birthday sweetie" he said with a big smile as he handed me the flowers. he watched me silently when i was smelling the flowers closing my eyes.
  3. I was about to say something till I glimpsed ray was gazing on me from a distance and biting his lower lip and holding his hand as a fist while one of the girls was talking to him but not paying attention to her. I looked the other way pretending I did not notice him.
  4. Then Chad said "I m all yours ----- what's your plan for today "?
  5. I looked at Chad and noticed his eyes were light golden. "what's wrong Chad? Your eyes are glowing with bright yellow color"? I said with surprise. He closed his eyes and looked away. Then he looked my way and saw his eyes were brown like before "sorry" he said while he was still holding my hands that were getting real hot.
  6. "what's happening to you Chad? Are you feeling alright? Are you having a fever?" I said with a worried voice and released my hands from his. Then i put my palm on his forehead and move it softly on his cheek. He grabbed my palm with one hand while the other goes around my waist and pull me to him slowly yet firmly and he s watching my brown long wavy hair dangling on my shoulder. He blinked his eyes with a sigh "you look dazzling today -----" he said with a whisper then he started to kiss my palm and his other hand left my waist and wandering on my shoulders then started playing with my hair. "your hair got really long and beautiful ----" he said to me.
  7. I smiled shyly and looked at his brown eyes " glad you liked it Chad" I told him. He then kissed me on the cheek "there s nothing about you I don't love -----. And you know it very.. very well" he said as a whisper then released me from the hug.
  8. "let's go eat something ----- or I will start eating all I lay my eyes on" Chad told me with a smile and continued "even if it meant eating you". I rolled my eyes "Chad knock it off" said to him and laughed. He grabbed my right arm and kissed my naked shoulder as I blushed cherry red immediately. Then took my jacket from my hand and put it around my shoulders. I was about to say something but he took my hand as we started walking out of the compass garden.
  9. After few hours we went to my place.. it was a neat yet simple flat that was based on white and blue furniture all around. I turned on the white lights in the living room. I sat down on cozy white long couch as Chad headed to the bathroom. My cell phone rings.
  10. I took it out of my back pocket, I saw randy was calling me. I smiled and then pressed the button to talk "hey randy bear.. what's going on?" I said smiling. "hey birthday girl.. I m great thanks.. so did you like my gift?" he said with joy. "yes it was lovely really thanks" I said. Chad went out of the bath and sat next to me.. "it's nothing tigger cmon.. I wish to spend all the day with you hun, but..." he said. "yea yea I know.. you got Judy with you.. so it's ok pooh bear...." I said as I was looking at Chad that looked very upset.
  11. He took the phone from my hand "hey pooh bear ----- is with me now so don't worry about her ok?" Chad said to randy and he hanged up fast and tossed my cell phone on the coffee table in front of us with anger. Then he looked at me with anger. I was very surprised for what happened and kept on looking at Chad that he is now walking the living room back and forth.. suddenly, he stood still in front of me with his eyes wide opened that I almost swear I saw sparks of anger in his eyes. I hesitated for few seconds while looking at Chad. He s acting so weird, besides I never saw this mad before.. then I saw a part of a colorful tattoo on his chest was uncovered when he opened the first button of his white shirt (so he breathes better) that makes him look amazing especially with the tan he has
  12. Then I looked at his face that his expressions totally changed now... he looks tired as he was approaching me and knelt me on the round. He grabbed my hands while gazing so deep into my eyes. I looked at his eyes as well. Then I noticed their color totally changed into light golden as if they were on fire.. I gasped "Chad.. what's wrong? You know you can tell anything" I said with worry. He shook his head lightly but kept on gazing into my eyes "I am fine.. I m just" he said but then kept silent. "you re just what?" I asked. Then he looked away "I am done with being your back up plan" he said with tired low voice. I gasped "whattt?" said to him with surprise. "Chad I am sorry to make you feel this way.. you mean a lot to me" I said with trembling heart. "you see? ------ you everything to me" said he with sadness. "but ahh.." I got interrupted by him kissing my lips with passion.. I kissed him too.. then a tear fell down my cheek.. Chad opened his eyes and saw the tear. Then he pulled himself away from me "I am sorry ----- I did not mean to hurt you. forgive me please" he said then left.
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