A love story part one

This is my quiz a love story part one and I'm sorry if I messed anything up I'm on my iPhone so yeah I hope you enjoy this i'll probably write a second part to it I mean it depends if I have enough viewers or comments or if my rate is good.enjoy!

Okay well Alec has dark brown hair and brown eyes to go with his hair.his eyes melt like chocolate ice cream.Jake has dark brown hair and light blue eyes and he is mostly wild.i hope you like this quiz.

Created by: twirling lover

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  1. You froze.thinking of all the memories you had with Alec.the time when he asked you to be his girlfriend.when you guys kissed.it just swarmed through your head."savannah,savannah wake up.time for school"you open your eyes to see a pair of brown eyes looking at you."hi Alec"he kisses you gently and pulls away.you go to the bathroom and go take a shower.what do you wear?
  2. Whatever you put on catches Alec's attention and he says"sexy momma!"you laugh and go to your black pacifica(I love them!)and turn it on.what song is playing
  3. Once Alec comes out,you drive to your friends house,jennifer(aka:jenni). She walks out and so does her boyfriend jake. "hi jake and jenni""hi savannah and Alec"then they start making out.things start heating up back there because I hear very deep breathing."guys stop before you two kill each other"there silent the rest of they way until you get to school. "bye Alec"" bye savannah"jenni and jake kiss each other good bye but not how they were in the car
  4. You walk into the school with jenni.you two are talking about cheer leading and what days they are.you wave bye to her and go to your locker.your locker is next to Jakes. you get your books and go to your first class. It goes bye quickly most of the time you were texting jenni.
  5. The rest of the school day went past in a blur and you are driving home while Alec is at his friends house. At about 7oclock he decided to come home. "where have you been"you say while sitting on the couch while watching the lorax.(funny movie)"I was at my umm friends house you know playing video games.""was it ryans"he nods
  6. "Whatever "you tell him. He sits next to you on the couch and puts you ontop of him do your sitting on his lap. He kisses you and you kiss back he slides his hand up your shirt but you move his hand. He takes off his shirt and now he was laying ontop of you. "I love you"he says"goodnight"you say
  7. You wake up and see that you two are still on the couch. You take his arms off you and you take a shower.you put on a pair of short shorts with a red aero shirt with Nike hightops. You put your hair down and wet it a little bit. You leave the house while Alec is still sleeping,I mean he can go to school with somebody else like Ryan or something. You get into your car and drive to school. Once you get there,you walk to your friend jenni and Carlie. "hey what's up""nothing wheres Alec""sleeping at home. It was time to go to your locker and see jake."hi jake""hey you wanna go to jenni's party tonight?your response is
  8. You say yes and then leave.you get to your class and get a text from Alec. 'hey u didn't wake meh up thx lots'you ignore the text and listen in class. School goes past and your driving home when you get a text from alec'tonight I got something special for you'you don't reply back.you get home and say"I'm going to the party at jenni's"you change into a pair of denim shorts(booty shorts)with a purple cami and silver sandles."have fun"he says. You walk to jenni's house and get through the crowded people there. "hi jake!!!"you yell so he can hear you. He waves at you then says"seven minutes in heaven everyone!!!"you play and get....
  9. Jake.you two stand in there awkwardly and you said"well we can't break the people were going out with"he kisses you and you wrap your hands around his neck and his hands go from your waist to your butt. You look into his eyes and he says"would you be my girlfriend?"you nod a yes and kiss him again. You two get out of the closet and ask jake where jenni is"with Alec they have been dating since last week"you go home and see Alec and jenni having sex."stop!!!get out of my house you stupid b----!!!!"you say to Alec"listen it's not what you think"he says" it's not?i see you making out with my friend and it's not what it looks like. "you pick up Alec and push him out the door and take jenni with him.
  10. Thank you for reading this I know it might have been boring and stuff and you can comment and see if I will add any characters to the story. Sorry if I messed up on my typing I'm on my iPhone. XD comment and rate thanks!

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