Your Love is a Lie *Part 2*

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Welcome to Part 2 of Your Love is a Lie! I'm so sorry it took so long to make! I've been busy with school and other... stuff. But I hope you immensely enjoy it! :)

Are YOU ready for my awesome story quiz? I've worked very hard on it! Although it may be short, good&bad comments are all welcome. :) Now I don't know what to say...

Created by: PurpleCherries
  1. As I walk through the doors, I notice Mother's cuts and bruises all around her body. I suddenly feel like I'm going to tear up when I hear the front door creak open. Father's home! Quickly I stand up straight and face Father coming inside. He glares at me for a moment and asks, "Why aren't you at school?!"
  2. "Um.. well... I wanted to come home. So what?" He mumbles under his breath and shoves past me. I curse at him quietly when he turns around and shouts, "What did you say!?"
  3. "Nothing, I said nothing," I say panicking. What if he hits me? I brace my self and he slaps me across the face. "Ouch!" I howl in pain. Might as well give him the satisfaction or he might take my calmness as a sign of defiance.
  4. Mother looks up from the couch and weekly stands up. I guess she's trying to stand up for me, literally. I motion for her to sit back down when she says, "No! I will not tolerate this crap any longer!" Father's face turns red when he, too, slaps her. Then I see Mother cry again.
  5. I crouch down with Mother and place her on the couch. I stroke her hair as we wait for Father to leave the room. "b----es," he calls us. I think of all the cruel things I could do to him once I move out. I could burn the house down. Maybe let a vicious dog into his shower. I muffle my laughs. Am I turning into a monster?
  6. Mother quickly falls asleep with her head on my lap. I am dying to grab something from the fridge when I hear my stomach grumble. But I know Father wouldn't allow it. I hate myself for going into the kitchen and ignoring my gut-feeling. As a walk in the kitchen, Father gives me a death stare and says, "You useless piece of f---ing crap." I'm hurt, obviously, but I continue to the fridge. Just a few step away...
  7. ...Until he grabs a chair and smashes it on the ground. Why is he so angry? He doesn't usually do this. Grabbing one of the sharpest, broken pieces he hits me with it. I scream with pain and try to hit back. But he grabs my fist and throws me to the ground. I feel the blood dribbling from my head to my face. Now I can't control my tears and I cry. I know that I should get out of there but I just lay there. He grabs my arms and throws me outside. Then, he locks the door behind him.
  8. Slowly I get up and shiver. It's snowing. Just great. I cautiously feel the back of my head and cringe. It feels like my head is on fire. I lay in the snow to cool my head. The snow quickly turns a sickening shade of red.
  9. That's all for now, amigos! :) I hope you enjoyed it! I know it was short, but Part 3 will come out ASAP.
  10. Rate, comment, whatever. All feedback is welcome.

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