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  • "I'm leaving because of the cyber-bullying. -.- It's making me depressed."
  • "How BarberBob2 is out to get me... ._. He's probably WAY older than me so there's no use in arguing with him. He's not going to change my mi..."
  • "Adorable! :D"
  • Who missed me?
    "No. Bree, you are ugly inside and out. The ugly inside you shines right through. I find you repulsive. *Hurls on Bree*"
  • Who missed me?
    "Bree, stop hitting on every guy. It's pathetic."
  • Creepy Junk
    "And... This thread is dead. -.-"
  • Holy crap.
    "Haha, yeah, my friends say I'm a stick, but my brothers say I'm SUPER lazy. And my sister has an iPod just like your's. Try double clicking ..."
  • i got gf troubles
    "I agree with Teresa! :3"
  • Holy crap.
    "Haha, you're lazier than my older brother! Woah, but don't take it the wrong way... I just meant that you're R E A L L Y lazy. ^-^"
  • Current Emotion
    "Sad... that the world is broken."
  • Are noobs annoying?
    "Yea, I always thought you were Ting, Carri04. I only hate noobs (or new people) that talk like this: "YO! WAZZ"
  • Humans vs. Animals
    "Sorry. I made peace. Now leave this thread and let it die. -.- I have my opinion you have yours. Stop arguing, I cannot change your mind and..."
  • I can guess your age~
    "Oh. My. God. That blew my mind. :o"
  • "So, a girl is posting pictures of herself online, giving personal information, and having a conversation with her best friend online. Um, no..."
  • Holy crap.
    "I used to sneak around my house at night and eat Ritz Crackers in the kitchen. x)"

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