Humans vs. Animals

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Thread Topic: Humans vs. Animals

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    Trixie Novice
    awwwwww now i have noone to talk to D:
    byez anyways
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    DaughterOfApollo Experienced
    Wow, I miss one day.... (I just kinda skimmed through it all)

    @PurpleCherries "Humans save lives everyday" Not really. More like humans destroy lives everyday by murdering them. And that orca might've had a reason. It probably didn't wanna be kept in captivity, same thing for the lion. And HUMANS ARE NOT ABOVE ANIMALS!!!! Like I told XLD, go walk up to a lion with no protection and tell them that. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't give a damn and then you'll be it's dinner. Then, YOU will literally be below it.

    @XLD the people who sit around and read books all day are not all the way smarter than the person who plays video games and does stuff un-related to school. The people who read books are book smart, while the people who plays video games and stuff, are street smart. If you were to switch their places, they would both be dumb at the things that they don't know or do.
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    Sorry. I made peace. Now leave this thread and let it die. -.- I have my opinion you have yours. Stop arguing, I cannot change your mind and you cannot change mind. End of story. Good day.

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