Humans vs. Animals

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Thread Topic: Humans vs. Animals

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    XLD Novice
    Animals are not smarter than humans. If you take them out of their environment they die, or overpopulate and kill all the other animals that live there. If a human moves somewhere else, they would live, and can also keep the ecosystem in balance, not that we always do, but we can. Because unlike animals, humans can adapt to new environments. Create new things to help them survive. Learn, explore, create new things, speak a language, these are things animals can never do. Humans have the responsibility to keep nature in balance because we know better, animals won't do anything about the problems we have made because they can't. All animals can do is die. They're not smart because they don't make problems, they just can't do anything other than what they have been doing for thousands of years. Animals can't make choices on their own, they just do what their instinct tells them. The only times when animals do anything useful is when humans train them to do it. And if you dont use animals for food, labor, money, clothes, or fun, then you are wasting perfectly good animals. And I never said humans made animals, wtf?
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    DaughterOfApollo Experienced
    Animals speak a language. We just can't understand them. They communicate through body language and whatever kinda noise they make. And we can't keep the ecosystem in balance. Do you know how bad the enviroment is right now? Do you know who caused that? That's right, humans did. Animals didn't. And they do make choices. They choose when they want to eat. They choose where to go. They choose whatever they want to do. They do explore and they do learn (obviously). They don't need to create new things.

    "Humans have the responsibility to keep nature in balance because we know better, animals won't do anything about the problems we have made"

    We don't know better. If we knew better, we wouldn't be chopping down forests and ruining animals homes, which they live in nature. We don't know better because if we did, then we wouldn't be doing these horrible things. And exactly, we made problems. We made problems for them. Maybe if humans never made any problems, then some animals wouldn't be extinct. Like the Tasmanian Tiger. It was hunted down to extinction so people could get some money. Do you know how sick that is? Well, you probably don't because one of the things you said animals were only good for is money. People like you make me sick. You probably think that animals are "below" us. But, you're wrong. I would love to see you walk right up to a bear or a lion without any weapons and tell them that you're "above" them and that they should listen to you. Because I'm pretty sure they would tear you apart.
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    madid Experienced
    Human population started growing after we figured out how to cook animals. I dont understand why some one would go back on that.

    *is completely unrelavent to the rest of the conversation*
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    *blinks at all the words* o.o

    Animals and humans live along side each other so, we don't need to fight over which orangization is better and also, we humans are animals that evolved over time. ._. I wish I had my tail... Dx
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    XLD Novice
    I said we could keep the ecosystem in balance, not that we do keep it in balance. Before the Industrial Revolution the environment was clean, it was only after we started burning fossil fuels that global warming started. It is our responsibility to fix the problems we have made because no one else will do it. We didn't know better a hundred years ago, but we now know the mistakes we made and people all around the world are figuring out solutions for them. Like cleaner and more efficient ways to supply energy to the world. It's not as simple as just turning off all the coal power plants that supply millions of people with the power necessary for survival.

    When I said animals were good for money I ment more like selling farm animals, not poaching. Poaching is illegal, duh. There is no way I would condone any form of animal abuse. Using animals for food isn't abuse though. There are even scientists who have brought back previously extinct species through cloning. So maybe one day the Tasmanian Tiger will walk the earth again. And no, I will not go up to a lion and tell him I'm above him. Obviously I would be mauled to death. It's not like the lion is smart enough to understand what I'm saying in the first place, so that would be pretty pointless. All I'm trying to say is animals are not smarter than humans. If the day comes that there is a genius monkey physicist who invents time travel to fix all the mistakes we made in the past then maybe I'll change my mind, but until then, humans are smarter than animals.
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    DaughterOfApollo Experienced
    But we aren't doing it. Instead, billionaires are destroying the world even more.

    And the lion probably thinks that you're too stupid enough to understand it. And you seriously don't think it's abuse when you KILL an animal?! That's like saying someone came up to you and killed you. But no worries, they just needed you for food, so it's okay then.
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    XLD Novice
    Animals kill other animals all the time for food. It's the cycle of life. I am smart enough to understand that I will die if I try to communicate to the lion without any protection. And yeah, some of those billionaires are a--holes.
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    Kirby Junior
    First of all, using animals for food seems like cruelty to me. Take horses for example. I feel ashamed to be part of America since horse slaughter is still going around for human consumption. Sure, horses are livestock, but what makes us the right to kill them for food? They are used for riding and competing and to keep as pets. We are already harming other animals, pigs, cows, sheep etc for food, why add another animal to the menu? Humans are sick dumbasses and I don't give a f--- if I'm insulting myself, because frankly, it's the truth. Get used to it.

    And may I just add, those animals must think that we humans are complete dumbasses because WE can't understand THEIR language. I still believe that animals aren't smarter than humans. Just because they can't "adapt to an environment" or "build new things", doesn't mean we are smarter because first of all, they don't NEED any technology or f---ed up power and technology. And they are awesome because they don't even need flashlights to see in the dark, they have special eyes, ya know.
    ANIMALS DON'T NEED TO CREATE NEW THINGS TO HELP THEM SURVIVE because they don't need it! They can survive without those things!

    It's not cruel for an animal to eat another animal.They need it to survive. But I don't understand why we are eating cows, pigs, chickens etc? It's scientifically proven we don't need f---ing meat in our petty little bodies. That's why there's tofu and mushrooms.
    And if humans have a responsibility to nature, we aren't doing much to improve the environment. We're just making it worse.
    I might sound like a jackass or whatever, but I know where I stand.
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    XLD Novice
    We don't need technology either, we just use it and improve it to make life easy for ourselves. There are certain primates that actually use simple tools like hammers or shovels. So that pretty much proves that animals would use tools to help there survival if they were smart enough. Of coarse animals can survive without technology, that's pretty obvious. Humans are perfectly capable of surviving in the wild too, but most of us prefer to live in civilization.

    People eat meat because it tastes good. I rarely eat meat, but when I do I enjoy it. Just because you don't need it doesn't mean you can't eat it. Humans don't need junk food, but we eat it all the time and I'm sure you have too. Although you shouldn't eat junk food because it's bad for you, but meat is not. Also humans invented tofu, just sayin'.

    When animals kill humans, do they need to do it? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. If a hiker is walking through the woods enjoying nature then suddenly a bear comes out of nowhere and kills him, did the bear need to do it? It doesnt matter if her cubs were close by, the hiker was absolutely no threat. If the bear was smart she would have figured that out and left him alone, or maybe give a clear warning that he should leave, but no, now there is a dead hiker for no reason. But if the hiker was a hunter, then he got what was coming to him. Why the hell would you kill an animal for sport? That really makes no sense to me.

    I don't think you should slaughter horses, there is no need for it and it's completely uncalled-for. We have animals to eat already so there is no need to kill horses or any other animal just for the heck of seeing what it tastes like.

    Animals do communicate through touch, that is a proven fact, but mostly all animals can't use verbal language, and there are no animals that can write language. The only animal I know of that can probably speak is the dolphin. Improving the environment isn't some simple task. It is going to most likely take a few hundred years or more. But yeah, humans can't see in the dark, so I guess animals win there, but we have night vision goggles because we can invent things to make up for our weaknesses. Plus not all animals can see in the dark.

    And you don't sound like a jackass, I'm probably the one who sounds like a jackass to you, but oh well. And jeez this post is like a freakin essay or something. Too many words...
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    I'm gonna start off my rant with this lovely statement: Humans are animals.

    The dictionary definition of the word animal is "A living organism that feeds on organic matter, typically having specialized sense organs and nervous system." If that doesn't apply to humans then my name is Bobby Joe and I live in the deep blue sea.

    So, with that out of the way, what valid arguements do you all have left? I see "animals don't sin, but humans do"; "humans are smarter then animals"; and "animals/humans are better 'cause they make a difference".

    Humans sin, as do all the other species of animals. Going off a list of the seven deadly sins here: all animals lust, sloth, want, stuff themselves silly, rage, and pride themselves for something or other.

    Some humans are smarter then some other animals, just as some animals are smarter then some humans. Take two people. One may be smarter then the other when it comes to books, just as the other may be smarter when it comes to video games or whatever. Saying the whole of the human race is smarter then the whole of the other species is just f---ing dumb. Humans know how to do some things other animals don't, as well as vice versa.

    All animals make a difference, good and bad. All animals save as well as end lives.
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    XLD Novice
    Ok sure, humans are animals, but we are the smartest. The brain of a human is larger than any other animal, relative to the size of the body. A human's brain weighs around 3 pounds on average, while a dolphin, which is one of the smartest animals on the planet, brain weighs about the same. We have the same brain weight as a dolphin, but the weight of our brain is 1-to-50 while a dolphin's is 1-to-180. Whereas we do have the same sized brain, the dolphin needs more of their brain for things other than intellect. It's the same as an adult needing more food than a baby because of the size of their body. Humans have more of their brain to focus on being smart.

    I never said animals were f---ing dumb, just that humans are more intelligent, no matter by how little. The person who reads books is smarter than the person who plays video games, because reading books takes more brain activity. Einstein might not have been able to get the best kill to death ratio on Call of Duty, do backflips, or run a marathon, but he sure as hell was smarter than most that could. Not all humans are smarter than animals, but we all have the ability to be. The person who lives in his mom's basement until he is fifty playing video games and doing nothing to further mankind in the least is someone who I say is dumber than a fly, but he did have the ability to do something, he just chose to be worthless.

    I don't think animals can sin, because sinning is the act of doing something wrong when you know you shouldn't do it. If an animal does something that a human would consider a sin, they most likely did not know any better or were just trying to survive.

    Humans hold the fate of the world. Whatever humans do will affect the outcome of the planet. We can destroy everything, which we probably will do because humans are destructive, or we could make life better for all living things, which we probably won't because again, humans are destructive. We could make new animals if we wanted to, we can live in space, we can create bombs with unimaginable destructive force, or we can create amusement parks and have fun. We can make airplanes to transport hundreds of people by air like birds, we can dive deep in the ocean with submarines like fish, we can create large working societies like ants. Humans can pretty much accomplish anything we set our minds to, nothing is impossible.

    Humans are the smartest and most advanced animals on this planet. We have accomplished things no other animal has, or ever will achieve. We are only getting smarter, soon what was thought impossible will become everyday life.
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    I agree completely with XLD. Thank you. And thanks to 6 6 Sick too.

    To All the Obsessive Animal Lovers:

    How about you start focusing on all the GOOD things humans do and all the BAD things animals do. Humans save lives everyday, for both humans and animals. Have you heard of the countless stories of animals mauling humans and other animals to death? What about the story where a Seaworld employee was feeding an orca and it then killed them. Or the story where the lions mauled the zoo keeper to death. I could go on and on. You give no credit to humans saying they're rapists, torturers, serial killers, when most of them are good people. Animals are trained by HUMANS to do the good things they do. It isn't like they care about us. They have no soul, no conscience.
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    @ Eris of Discord

    You get our point. We're talking about humans and all the other living organisms out there besides plants. :P It's completely obvious.
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    And what about the countless stories of humans doing bad and other animals doing good? Really, no one species is better then the other. We all have as much intellect as we need, and unless the whole of a species chooses not to use it then they are no less smart then any other being out there. Also, if other animals are trained to do good things, then don't you think they were trained to do bad as well?

    Being smart is using the knowledge you have to survive and take your life into your own hands, shaping your destiny to be the best it can and all that mumbo jumbo. Other animals are just as smart as humans, because they use their knowledge to help better themselves and their species. It may not seem like it because everyone here seems to be refering to domesticated animals, but take a look at the feral ones.

    "I don't think animals sin"
    Humans are animals. I understand what you're saying, but in this phrase it seems as if your separating humans from its larger category again. And who says that other animals don't have morals? They might have tthousands of religions to choose from, with many telling them what is right and what is wrong. We just don't think that because we can't f---ing understand them.

    This was directed at both of you, and there's no real order it's put in. Sorry if it's a little confusing.
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    A little confused, but I get your point. I still think humans are a little higher than animals but I've decided to just accept you guys. Peace? I'm offering it. It's fine it you guys don't accept it but whatever.

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