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  • DnD today
    "I should play my ocarina today"
  • DnD today
    "It's times like this where I wish I still had Silas. I can't fall asleep for some reason, and I can't stop crying, it's pathetic"
  • ""
  • DnD today
    "I forgot the name of the song"
  • The changeling
    ""yes, it really was unfortunate though. Anon hasn't left the woods since." Eileen said looking down solemnly"
  • Anyone interested?
    "Alexei tapped his foot impatiently, waiting for an answer."
  • Locked away
    ""ah,greek mythology, I used to read alot about that." Howl said turning on the sink at the convenience store. She splashed warm water in her..."
  • How is this a demon!
    "Magdra was never seen as a demon to anyone. Because no matter how powerful, how agile and no matter how strong, he refused to do anything. H..."
  • How is this a demon!
    "(can be any age considered a student) Name: Magdra atolosk Age: 260008 Personality: lazy and seemingly detached"
  • Anyone interested?
    ""I see. they didn't even show you around the castle?" Alexei asked. He'd always said they should Incase of emergencies like this but people ..."
  • How is this a demon!
    "Yay! Here's the cs Name: Age: Personality: Appearance: Likes: Dislikes: Fears: Other:"
  • Anyone interested?
    ""Bout time, who told the kitchen they could be this slow." Alexei said adding a bit of honey into his teacup."
  • RP Advertising!
    "Please join my new 1x1 rp, it'll certainly be interesting "
  • How is this a demon!
    "C1 is a student who can't stand something in their life, and being the brilliant person they are they decide to summon a demon. C2 is a lazy..."
  • ""thanks." Helios said and loaded his pistol. He took four shot's at the monster"

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