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  • Would I date you
    [published: May 1, 2020, 10 comments]

    Yes I'm going to copy the fellow members of the pesantry and make one of these quizzes I don't care about it…

  • Are you an egg bro
    [published: Apr 19, 2020, 6 comments]

    Eggg eggg egggs are you egg can't tell. breakfast dance.…

  • This is keyboard_cousin
    [published: Apr 16, 2020, 7 comments]

    This is stupid I know it is but it's painful oktgyhyhhububhbhbhhbhbu hvbhvhguvhvhubvjhbbhjhbgjgbgbbhgbhhh…

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  • What do you think of me?
    "I think you're very nice, but not alot of people have talked to you so they can't answer"
  • 1 Girl at an All Boys School
    "Yana ran into the taco shop dragging Yune in with her."
  • "Hello"
  • My R
    ""yeah." Norman said eggcitedly"
  • ""too late, you should have expected this from me." The god said"
  • Deadline
    "Mikan went to sit on the balcony, she worried about wester coming back."
  • My R
    ""well that one looks nice." Norman said pointing to a comedy with a very bright case."
  • ""Of course not, and that's one of your guesses gone." The god said."
  • Neverland
    "That sounds good!" Lorelei yelled in a commanding voice so she'd be heard."
  • Tbh about me
    "Murder me with your words"
  • Last thing you ate?
    "Waffles with peanut butter 8/10 it was too sticky but I eggspected that"
  • Favorite GTQ ship?
    "Aikan, obviously"
  • The trial of Avin Macit
    ""Brother why was that ugly lady being so mean?" Avin said to agitate them"
  • The Files
    "(pfft) Helios looked at a sketch in the rubble, it was an amazing drawing of him and a young black haired boy sitting in the forest. H"
  • The String
    ""there's only so much a boy your age can do." Nori said wheeling up to screech."

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