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  • Would You Rather?
    "COVID For four Days, my grandpa has cancer and I've seen first-hand how it can ruin your body Be cold for two months or hot for"
  • I have a crush
    "So I have a crush on this one girl in my friend group, but she has a boyfriend so that sucks"
  • Baby hotline
    "Finished my homework"
  • Baby hotline
    "I don't wanna do math"
  • Baby hotline
    "My choir duet is fixed"
  • Children club
    "Im huuuuuuuuuuuungry"
  • Baby hotline
    "I try to be social but it never works, am I destined to fade into oblivion?"
  • Baby hotline
    "I don't want to be forgotten"
  • Different Realities
    "Name: Mikan Mononoke Age: 16 Gender/pronouns: she/her Appearance: short brown hair, brown eyes, a scar on her neck and a s"
  • Baby hotline
    "Do I even exist?"
  • GTQ Member List
    "I'm still here..."
  • Baby hotline
    "I got to spend the weekend at my grandparent's house"
  • "We are either are reborn, or we vibe as ghosts forever in my own opinion"
  • "My Walmart is freezing and it takes my family thirty minutes to get there"
  • Baby hotline
    "I had to do dishes today and put away laundry, tomorrow I might see my cousin (not pepper, one of my other cousins)"

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