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  • The young priestess
    ""frog experiment." Yune said"
  • soulmates <3
    "When ilyana got home she found her parents friends from the south. They always wanted to see her preform something like a monkey. Her parent..."
  • ""maybe bring your kids over every other week, I'm sure Griffin could use the companionship." Nori said"
  • The String
    "Meanwhile Nori was halfway through with reconstructing the stranger's face and was seeing someone he thought he'd never see again"
  • The egg 2.0
    "Gn guys"
  • The maltrax family
    "True, my baby mikan is already going to the store alone and miden is sassing me Miden: I can hear you ya know (ā—‰Š”ā—‰)"
  • Love story!! (i think)
    ""same." screech wrote small"
  • The String
    "Screech laid down with myriad and Belladonna"
  • ""it's no problem, really." Nori said"
  • The String
    ""ok." Screech said walking towards myriad and Belladonna."
  • Love story!! (i think)
    ""just a little bit." Screech wrote. He was running out of room on his arm"
  • Romance RP (1x1 or 1x1x1)
    "Hina started humming keep everything calm"
  • Love story!! (i think)
    "Oof)) Screech wrote yes in his next class and he wondered how the confession would go"
  • soulmates <3
    "Ilyana ran home. She didn't know what was happening in her brain. it was all contradictory to what she wanted"
  • The String
    ""it's good to be back." Screech said hugging her back"

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