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  • "The ideas are bouncing around in my head like the DVD screensaver"
  • "I really want to write a dystopia with a lovable corrupt official rn"
  • The runaways
    "Javas walked to the dumpster of the fast food buffet. It smelled like hot death but he knew he'd still have to look through. The Dunkin's em..."
  • The beast
    ""well, it'll all be worth it, won't it?" Valako said, smiling. She stood back up and took the key out of her pocket hesitantly."
  • Heart shaped box
    ""entertainment is strange. I heard on researcher complain that television was just boobs and violence. I am not sure what boobs are but viol..."
  • Vampire Prince
    "Jack quietly started going up the stairs. The air was stale and stiff the further into the dungeon you were, and Alexander's room was the st..."
  • Heart shaped box
    ""he said it was negative brain stimuli. Therefore it would interfere with the experiments." Florence said. The last sentence was mimicked in..."
  • Vampire Prince
    ""you should mourn for as long as you need. The way I see it you hardly had time to mourn. You had to survive instead." Jack said. Mourning w..."
  • "I am, I only occasionally cough now"
  • Heart shaped box
    ""the assistant researcher didn't allow me to watch TV, but I heard the whole movie." Florence said as he shifted the weight of his torso bet..."
  • Vampire Prince
    ""I may be 5,000 years old when he wakes up. Your situation is much sadder. I wish I could have helped your family." Jack said. He was always..."
  • "I had an upper respiratory infection"
  • The beast
    ""that's going to be even worse on the climb down." Valako said, handing Jonah some tissues."
  • The runaways
    "When Javas woke up, he decided to leave the tent. It was time for him to get breakfast right before everyone else woke up. He worried about ..."

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