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This is stupid I know it is but it's painful oktgyhyhhububhbhbhhbhbu hvbhvhguvhvhubvjhbbhjhbgjgbgbbhgbhhhhbcddmllljhgdsaqweryuiopllkjfdaaaxvbnnmkjjgfcbh

I can't stand just how weak I am it's pathetic and I want to cry qeertuiopllljhgfsaxvv njkuvgyvgbhnjjnjbhhhgggffddswsss c hhbhhjjjhhbvgvvggvvggvgvgbggbgb

Created by: Eggaly
  1. This is my announcement
  2. This is so I'm not in my cousin's shadow
  3. I'm now eggaly
  4. It's been my nickname anyways
  5. I'm tired of people saying we're the same person
  6. So I have a new account that you guys can recognize
  7. I'm sorry for the inconvenience
  8. I just don't want to be in keyboard's shadow.
  9. Being called my cousin starts to get suffocating
  10. So say goodbye to Keyboard_Cousin and hello to Eggaly

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