Shout out quiz 'w'

Hello and welcome to my shout out, I hope all of you are having a good day and I hope I make you happy with this because it means alot to me you guys.

If you weren't included don't be sad, it's mostly because I was too lazy to type more of these, or I don't know you very well, eggyways enjoy the quiz

Created by: Eggaly

  1. First off dragon, you are absolutely one of the smartest people on this website and one of my closest online friends
  2. Next got sprinkled spice, you are my favorite spice, you have the most concentration out of everyone, I mean look at all those role-plays and you are such a funny person, you are my true friend
  3. Jayfeather 310, you are so kind to everyone and it wouldn't be right for me not to include you. You are officially the cutest person on the site and there's no competition.
  4. Keyboard, I luv you cousin
  5. chameleonLeap you are another one of my closest friends, you are really nice and I wish I could have as many friends as you,
  6. Phoenix pharaoh, you're so frickin cool and you draw like a frickin goddess, like seriously you are blessed plus your characters are so cool
  7. Wowcrazyinsane, I always love talking to you, even if you're not on often, I'll always look forward to speaking to you when you get on
  8. Katqueen, you're so cool I wanna cry, and you were also blessed by the art gods, plus you've got skills on RPs
  9. Neon specter, you are so nice and kind and helpful, honestly you are one of the greatest people on the site that I've talked to on discord
  10. Jill, you're practically the mother figure on this website, you've helped me and so many other people so much, thank you
  11. Thanks for taking this quiz, I'd shout out more people but I'm tired of typing
  12. Also a quick shout out to drek, you're so funny and you're kinda like everyone's favorite uncle at a family reunion

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