The Guardian: Part 10

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Hey guys! So.... Shout-outs! First shout-out goes to Ericat, for reading this series, for commenting on it A LOT, and for suggesting I use her character, Christie, in my story!

Second shout-out goes to Weirdhead, who has read, commented and suggested character ideas a lot. You both inspire me so much with your series, thanks!

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. *** Zach's POV***" Guys! Guys! Look at the words Angelica put on your hands!" I insisted, Christie giving a vigorous nod, everyone looking at their hands in confusion. " Read them aloud in order from who she wrote on first." I insisted. "To. " Christie said, looking over at me. " Break." I said. " the void" Grayson said. " Between us." said Blaze. " Close thy eyes." Amanda whispered, turning to Maddie. " and hold thine heart." she said, looking at Louis. " though we are for now apart." he said. " know I'll be back for thee." Jax finished, everyone looking at one another.
  2. ***Angelica***Gently entwining my fingers with his, Daemon looked up at me, clearing his throat before speaking. " I know you were told you were to marry Grayson when you got old enough, but so was I. My father, Lucifer, was promised once you were born, you would be rightfully mine. I know this seems crazy, I thought so too at first." he shrugged, brushing a strand of my silky hair away from my face as he gave a smile.
  3. "Daemon. Are you saying I don't belong to Grayson?" I asked with a frown." No, not at all. You do belong to him. But you also belong to me. Your parents signed a will that stated when you turned eighteen, you were to marry me. Grayson got the same thing. So.... You belong to both of us." he explained, giving a smile as I gave a nod. " May I ask why you would even want me?" I asked, looking up at him curiously. " I get that I am evil and you are good, but I feel this odd attraction to you. It's hard to explain, really." he said, letting his fingers run through my hair. I realized the awful truth right at that moment. I felt that same attraction.
  4. "I... I get what you mean." I sighed softly, resting a hand on his leg as he gave a cute smile. " You feel it too. I can sense it in your emotions." he said, caressing my cheek in his palms, grinning as I gave a nod. " I won't force you to do anything you don't want to." he whispered into my ear. " I appreciate that." I smiled, loosely looping my arms around his neck, pressing my lips against his, his warm breath tickling my upper lip as he kissed back, a fierce passion in his kiss that made me feel special. Pulling apart for breath, I allowed him to take my hands in his, gently laying back into his arms with a smile.
  5. " Angelica.... do you remember when we met at lunch?" he asked, watching me give a nod, burying my head into his shoulder. " Yeah." I smiled. " What did you think of me? Before you knew who I really was?" he asked. " You tell me, Mr. Mind reader." I said, looking up into his eyes as he gave a laugh. " You seemed to like me pretty well, though I can definitely sense more emotions in you now." he teased, leaning over and kissing my nose, making me feel so young. " How could you be the son of Lucifer? I sense so much good in you. So how could it be?" I asked. " Just because he is bad doesn't mean I have to be." he whispered, this time making the first move.
  6. ***Zachs POV*** " What do you think it means?" Louis asked, his forehead crinkling as he tried to comprehend it, but couldn't. " I know her pretty well. It's an old thing her birth mom told her when she was little. She was probably trying to let us know she'd be with us soon." Grayson shrugged, a knock at the front door startling us all. " Coming!" Jax hollered, he and Christie racing to the door, Jax getting there first. " Castiel?" he said.
  7. ***Angelica***" Daemon, why do you stay here? Why couldn't you just leave like Castiel did?" I asked him, now laying by his side on the bench, his arms around me as he gave a shrug. " I never had a reason to leave. Everything important was down here. " he explained. " Oh." I sighed, taking his face in my hands, giving him a small kiss. " I have a reason to now, though." he smiled, playing with strands of my hair, making me blush lightly. " Then why don't we leave this place? Go back to earth, where my calling is." I suggested, taking his hand in mine.
  8. " I would like that." he smiled, scooping me up into his arms, carrying me bridal style towards the main exit. " Auh." I gasped, Daemon accidentally bumping into a tall guy, who could only be Lucifer, himself. With a scoff, he stared at Daemon, who was blushing crazily as he kept me close to him. " Daemon. I see you got her." Lucifer smiled, tilting my chin up with a grin. " I only had her brought here for a while. I'm taking her back now." Daemon said, backing us away from him. " Too bad. We haven't even gotten acquainted." Lucifer said, giving a frown before letting us pass.
  9. "I'm sorry about him. He's so used to deceitful behavior, he doesn't know how to treat someone normal." Daemon apologized, extending his wings, a pair of silky black wings, covered in spirts of feathers. " I understand. It's fine." I said, smiling as he had me loop my arms around his neck as he began to fly up.
  10. ***Castiels POV***"Where's Angelica!?" Grayson asked, his eyes wide as I hung my head in shame. " Daemon has her." I croaked, hearing a small sob escape his throat. " Grayson, she'll be fine." I assured him, wishing I could be sure of that. Before I could calm him down, a loud pound on the door began, Jax opening it up.
  11. ***Angelica***After begging like crazy, I had finally talked Daemon into taking me back to Jaxs place, offering him a place to stay.Once we got there, he pounded on the door, the door swinging open to reveal Jax. " Angelica!" he exclaimed, embracing me tightly after Daemon put me down, my arms wrapping around him loosely. " Jax, it's only been a day since I last saw you all." I chuckled, pulling away and taking Daemon by the hand.
  12. " Oh em gee! Angelica!" Amanda and Maddie squealed, nearly knocking me down as they ran through, pulling me into a tight hug that practically squeezed me to death, but I took it with a smile. " I missed you all, too." I giggled, frowning as Grayson and Castiel walked in. " WHY is Daemon here!?" Grayson screeched, immediately pulling me away from him, holding me close to him. " Grayson. He's not as bad as you think he is." I assured him, giving his jawline a small rub as I pulled away from him.
  13. " Angelica, he's only trying to fool you!" he insisted, following after me as I searched for Blaze, Louis, Zach and Christie. " He's actually pretty nice. Maybe if you just gave him a chance, you'd be able to see that. Oh... Wait. Maybe it's the fact you're not the only one I'm supposed to marry!" I huffed. " What!?" "He got a will just like yours. Same writing and everything, saying I was his." I frowned, finally spotting the others.
  14. "Angelica!" Louis exclaimed, catching me in his arms as I ran over to him, his arms around my waist as he spun me around spontaneously. " Angelica! Jeez, I'm so glad you're back!" Christie grinned, giving me a small hug, Zach doing the same. " Jeez, you all act like I've been gone for years!" I laughed as Blaze hugged me tightly, barely wanting to let me go. Zach quickly leaned over to Louis, whispering something in his ear. " That's because every second without you feels like an eternity." Louis said, Zach rolling his eyes in disgust. " You said it all wrong, Dude! You suck. " he groaned, me and Christie laughing at the cringiness.
  15. " Angelica, maybe I should just go. It's obvious I'm not welcome here." Daemon frowned, walking over to me and giving me a small hug. "Exactly." Grayson huffed, crossing his arms defiantly as I glared at him. " Hey, Grayson, for your information, the only reason I'm even alive right now is because of Daemon, so maybe you could just lose the attitude?" I sighed, rolling my eyes before insisting that Daemon should stay.
  16. ***???***Silently gliding across the hallways,i made sure to not make any noise, careful, in order to avoid anyone being alerted. Especially that Guardian, Angelica. She honestly thought Daemon was her enemy? Ha. Compared to me, Daemon is nothing. Not only will I kill my least favorite mortal in existence, Blaze, I'll take his beautiful ex, Angelica.
  17. ***CLIFFHANGER***

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