The Guardian: Part 8

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Hey guys! Okay I have a lot to say! First of all, this one is dedicated to WeirdHead. I'd just like to thank them soooo much for supporting my series, for giving me shoutouts, and for not only reading this series, bit for commenting on it too!

Okay, I'd also like to dedicate this to Ericat, and want to thank them sooo much for inspiring me to continue writing. Also, I'd like to give them credit for a new character I will be adding SOON, Christie. Thanks a ton!

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. ***Castiels POV***" Daemon. Why are you here?" I asked my brother, a vile smirk running across his face as he gave a loud cackle. "Why? Why!? Isn't it obvious? I want what's rightfully mine!" he hissed, walking over to me, a skip in his step as he took hold of my arm. " You can't have her!" I yelled, struggling in his grip. "Oh, but I believe I can, brother." he chuckled, putting a fingertip to my face, letting it glide across my face, the spot he touched now burning.***
  2. ***Angelica***"Auh." I gasped, sitting up in shock, sweat pouring down my face as I panted loudly, each breath coming out ragged. " Angelica, are you okay?" Zach whispered, everyone but him and Blaze asleep. " Castiel. I... I could see through his eyes. Oh, it was horrible." I cried, throwing a hand over my eyes as I tried hard to stop the trail of tears rolling down my cheeks, my efforts in vain.
  3. " Shh. It'll be okay, Angelica. He'll be fine." he comforted me, gently taking my hand in his. " I wish that were true." I sniffed, resting my head on his shoulder, smiling as he began to blush. " Just... I don't know. Just remember that he's doing his job, protecting his calling and you." he said. " I guess you are right." I said with a shrug, entwining my fingers with his.
  4. For some reason, I felt this odd emotional attraction to him, like I just needed to be held in his embrace. Without thinking, I quickly pressed my lips against his, his eyes wide open as he sat in shock, finally relaxing and kissing me back, soft yet passionate, sweet but with enough power to make me want to keep going. Finally pulling away for breath, I blushed realizing I'd had an audience. " Awww! Oh em gee! Angelica!" Amanda squealed, Maddie joining in with her.
  5. "Oh shut up you two." Zach huffed, blushing harder than I was, which is pretty hard. " Grayson, I suppose I might as well tell you. I... I don't think Castiel is going to.." " To what?" Grayson asked, his jaw set as he gave me a worried look. " I don't know if he will make it. I... I could see through his eyes. It was horrifying." I croaked, unable to keep myself calm. " Please stay calm. Look, we are not too far from our destination. Once we get there, you can try to find out where and how he is. But until then, just rest." he sighed, a slight squeak in his voice. I gave a small nod, getting that this was just as scary for him as it was for me.
  6. ***Castiel's POV***Sweat and tears poured down my face as Daemons fingertips grazed my jawline, a burnt trail left behind. " You're.... You're a... A monster! Angelica... She'd never... Like you!" I panted, my breaths violent as I tried not to look into his eyes. " Oh, really? She seemed to be quiet fond of me during lunch. I could sense her emotions and thoughts easily. Would you like to know what she was thinking?" He asked with a chuckle, my eyes stinging as I shook my head. "Too bad. I'm still telling you. She doesn't care for any of you. She's confused, scared, even angry. I sensed no love, no compassion, nothing. She really has you all wrapped around her little finger." he laughed, grabbing a hold of my neck.***
  7. *** Angelica***"Angelica, we're here." Louis whispered into my ear, startling me awake. " Huh? Oh.. Okay." I yawned, realizing everyone else had already left besides him. " Wait a minute." "Okay." I shrugged, stepping out of the car and sitting on the hood beside him, our legs brushing up against each other. " About that whole date..i mean, cafe thing.... Actually, no, I mean date. Anyway, so you think maybe we could reschedule it? I mean, like, do it here? Tonight?" he stammered, a giggle escaping my throat as I gave a small nod. " Sure, Louis." I said, giving his cheek a small peck before following him to a large house.
  8. " Angelica!! Come here! You have to meet Jax!" Amanda squealed, her and Maddie taking hold of my hands, dragging me inside, quickly shoving me forward, my body hitting a tall guy. " Oopsies poopsies! Sorry, Angelica!" Maddie apologized with a wink, her and Amanda giggling as I quickly backed away in embarrassment.
  9. " Are you okay?" the guy, Jax, asked me, smiling as I gave a nod. " Uhm, yeah. I'm fine." I smiled politely, Amanda giving me a nudge. "Let me borrow my SINGLE friend for a minute." she said, dragging me off into a hall. "Amanda! What are you doing!?" I asked, blushing crazily as she and Maddie gave squeals. " He's too cute! You HAVE to have him!" Maddie insisted, only making me blush harder. " We're being chased by Daemon and all you can think of is playing match maker?" I asked with a frown, trying hard to hide my blush.
  10. "Okay, okay. You're right, but come on! You know you can't resist him!" Amanda giggled. " Yes I can." I frowned, letting them lead me back into the room, Zach now in there too. " Zach, scram!" Maddie growled, Zach shaking his head defiantly. " No way, sis. It's a free country. Besides, I need to borrow Angelica for a while." he said with a wink, both girls arching their brows. "Jeez. I enjoy how you all just decide what I do." I frowned, crossing my arms angrily. " Oh you love it." he chuckled, suddenly throwing me over his shoulder. " Put me down! " I cried, Amanda and Maddie giggling as I kicked him hard. " Ow! Jeez, Angelica!" he groaned, sitting me down as he hopped around on one leg.
  11. " Sorry, just not a fan of heights." I shrugged, frowning slightly as Amanda and Maddie kept trying to shove me closer to Jax. " Would you two stop it!?" I snapped, Jax chuckling softly at their attempts. " May I have a word alone with Angelica for a minute?" he asked. "Of course!" Maddie and Amanda squealed, Zach giving a frown. " Come on, Zach." Maddie insisted, Zach shaking his head defiantly. " I don't want to..." " NOW!," Amanda hissed, her and Maddie dragging him out with smiles.
  12. Once they left, he gave a small smile, his white teeth gleaming as he looked at me with his honey yellow eyes, his brown hair gently swaying back and forth as he took a seat, motioning for me to sit beside him. " Sorry about them.... They're insane." I apologized, smiling as he gave a melodious laugh that made my heart race excitedly. " Don't be sorry. It's perfectly fine. Actually.. It's kind of funny, actually." he smiled, laughing as I gave a shrug. " Eh.." I started, cut off by his finger pressed against my lips " Don't explain. I get it." he whispered into my ear, making me blush like crazy, but he didn't seem to notice.
  13. " Anyways, " he said, removing his fingertip from my lips, cradling my face in his palms with a smile. " Since we're alone and all..." he started, pressing his lips against mine, my eyes wide open as I sat in shock. I'd literally just met the guy and we were already kissing? With a small shrug, I kissed him back, listening to him sigh as he pulled me closer to his side, my legs thrown over his as we continued to kiss, the kissing getting a bit more intense than what I was wanting. I gently pulled away, blushing as I realized he had pulled me onto his lap.
  14. " OH EM GEE! You two are so cute!" Amanda and Maddie squealed, Zach giving a hurt look as he saw me sitting on top of Jax. I quickly scooted off of him, blushing as he gave a cute wink that could melt my heart. " Angelica....." Grayson said, walking into the room with a frown. " Uhm.... Uhhh." I mumbled in embarrassment, just now remembering I was bound to him. " Back off, Grayson! Let the girl live a little!" Amanda screeched, Maddie giving a nod in agreement. " But she's-" " No she's not. She's only seventeen. She's not stuck with you until she's eighteen." Maddie interrupted.
  15. Tired of their arguing, I stood up, putting my hands on their wrists, turning the three of them to look eye to eye. " Listen you three. I've had enough! Enough arguing, enough of people deciding what I do, enough of people choosing who I like. Enough's enough. I want you all to just mind your own business, is that understood!?" I snapped.
  16. "Angelica.... Maybe you just need to go outside and get some fresh air." Zach suggested, teasingly putting his hand on my forehead, making me feel angrier. " You're right. I need to figure out what's going on with Castiel, since you all don't seem to care a bit about him. He's suffering for us while we sit here playing match maker." I huffed, speeding outside and taking a seat on the grass, shutting my eyes and focusing on nothingness.
  17. ***Castiels POV***"That can't... That can't be true. She... She loves me and the others. You're lying!" I snarled, trying hard to find out where he had taken me. The walls were a blood red, the floor made of stone. My wrists and ankles were chained to the wall, Daemon kneeling in front of me to look me in the eyes. " Castiel, Father and I have been thinking.... When I get my girl, you'll no longer be of use, so.... You can either do as I say, and Angelica will get captured by you, safely. Or... Or you rebel, I tell her your secret, I kill you, and I get her any way possible." he threatened, his eyes full of joy as I surrendered. " Fine. Just don't hurt her." I pled***
  18. ***Angelica***No! No, no, no! I quickly leapt to my feet, tears rolling down my cheeks as I ran inside, falling to the floor in a crumpled pile, sobbing miserably as I'd realized how bad this really was. " Angelica! What's wrong!? Is it.... Is it Castiel?" Grayson asked, coming over and sitting by me, the others all staring worriedly. Giving a small nod, I sat up, looking him in the eyes. " He... Daemons blackmailing him. Castiel... He's... He's coming to take me to Daemon." I sniffed, falling into his arms as I cried bitterly.
  19. *** Daemons POV***I gave a small smile as Castiel agreed to help me get my girl. My Angelica. Oh.... Oh how her name sent a chill up my spine. It's a glorious name. With a pleased smirk, I turned on my heel, leaving Castiel to rest, going to tell my Father the news. This... This will all work out great. For me.***
  20. ***CLIFFHANGER***

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