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This is the last part of the whole series, so, I hope you like it. Um, I'm doing other series also, so check out my, Houndlover's series to look for, thanks!

Shoutouts: Shoutouts go to Ericat, for reading, and commenting on some, Weirdhead, for reading and commenting on all, and ghettobabe4ever, for reading and commenting on all. Without these girls, Story of my Life wouldn't have existed!

Created by: Houndlover
  1. Hi. My name's Isabella. This is my summoned up life, in a diary.
  2. So, I'm like a normal kid, but when I turned 16, as a gift, I was given leadership of the mythical world. So exciting!
  3. When I was 18, my boyfriend proposed to me.
  4. I then got married, and we moved into a mansion.
  5. When I was 21, we had a daughter that we named Sophia.
  6. Three years later, I had a son, named Caleb.
  7. They grew up, and got married, and I had a happy life.
  8. So that's all.
  9. That's the end of the series.
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  13. You all are free to go.
  14. Bye!
  15. Bye!

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