Christie's Story Part 1

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Thank you for reading this series! I hope you like this series, and I hope you know that Christie is one of my favorite characters and I wouldn't make her be a bad guy.

Shoutouts to: Weirdhead for starting to read and comment on my story, and ghettobabe4ever for ALSO commenting and reading the series! Thanks to both of you all! You've supported this whole series and you are the ones who have kept me here!

Created by: Ericat

  1. Hello! My name is Ericat, and this is my new quiz series! I firstly want to start off by saying, DON'T TAKE THIS QUIZ UNLESS YOU HAVE TAKEN THE SECOND LOVE QUIZ SERIES!!! Also, don't take it unless you have taken Second Love Epilouge, because even though most of the time the epilouges aren't that important, in this case, they are. Also, please remember that this is told from Christie's point of view, and no longer Kennedy's
  2. Now let's begin!
  3. I know what you're thinking. How could I do this to Kennedy? How could I try to kill her when I was her best friend? I know, I know. But believe it or not, it's not my fault. So let's start from the beginning.
  4. I woke up with my ten year old brother shaking me. His name is Skip, and he's ten years old. "CHRIS!!!" he yells. "GET UP!!! KENZ IS HERE!!!" Kenz is what he called my best friend, Kennedy. So I called her Kenz too. Not only because it was cute, but also because it helps me remember Skip a little bit in my memory file.
  5. Kennedy is sitting on my cozy chair, looking not-so-cozy. Then she says, "Christie, I have some bad news." I take my breath in and say, "What?" "We're moving tomorrow." I start crying. If she leaves, then my whole purpose for being a robot will be over. I'm here to protect her.
  6. "Christie... it's ok. Mother says it's only for a few months. So I might come back. And you know we're moving because of my dad."
  7. Yes. Her dad. I knew him perfectly well. He's a robot destroyer, and he killed a robot who was a very good friend of mine. Her name was Jessica Sanders. We'd talk telepathically during class, which is basically like texting, but in our heads. There's also a robot at our school named Julian who Kennedy's dad is plotting as well. Not to kill, just to put a new memory chip in him so Julian will forget that he and Kennedy are dating, and move on to another girl.
  8. What's even worse is I can't tell anybody I'm a robot. Not even Kennedy. It's against the programming. And the consequence for telling people is death.
  9. And what's worse is that is that I'm Kennedy's dad's robot. I am his, he controls me, and there's nothing I can do about it.
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