The Guardian: Part 12

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Hi guys! So..... You all are totally going to hate me if you are a Louis fan... I'm sorry! But it had to be done! Anyway..... Hopefully you all can still enjoy this series.

Okay, so... Shout-out to Ericat! Not only do they read AND comment on my series, they also created Christie and let me use her for my series. ( Christie is from Ericats AMAZING series, Second Love, read it!) Thanks a billion!

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. My eyes stung as I burst into tears, flopping on my bed, accidentally knocking off a hand held mirror that was hidden in the blankets. "Auh!" I gasped, a shard of the glass piercing my ankle. " Angelica! Angelica!? Are you okay? Can I come in?" I heard a masculine voice yell from the other side of the door. " I.... I'm fine! Yeah I guess so." I sniffed, sitting up on the bed, pulling the glass out of my skin as he walked in. Blaze.
  2. " Are you okay? Please be real with me, I know when you are lying." he insisted, stepping over the shards of glass and sitting by me on the bed. " Yeah. Uhm, no not really. Sorry... It's just... I'm so scared right now, okay?! Scared of failing you, scared he'll get to you before I can swoop in and save you.... But... Mostly, I'm scared of losing you." I sobbed, burying my face in his shoulder as he held me tightly.
  3. " I'm scared too, Angelica. Scared of losing you to another guy, scared of having to see you in someone else's arms, scared I'm going to die... But most of all, I'm scared you won't be there when I want you most." he whispered, tears streaming down his face as we pressed our foreheads together. " Blaze.... You know you'll always be top priority. Not only are you my calling, you're also my friend, and the guy I feel I can trust the most." I sniffed, my heart fluttering as he rested his fingertips on my cheek, pressing his lips against mine.
  4. Finally breaking away from the kiss, I took his hand in mine, taking a pen from my nightstand and writing on his hand. " You're mine, now. " I grinned through tears, giggling as he looked down at his hand with a smile. " Ha. Writing ' Angelicas property' on my hand is kind of childish, is it not?" he teased, snatching the pen up and writing the same thing on my hand, except putting his name instead of mine. " Blaze!" I giggled, giving him a playful swat.
  5. " Angelica! Blaze! You... You need to go, just hide now!" Christie shrieked, running in with a scared look on her face, me and Blaze huddling close together as we quickly stood up. " What's going.. " " He's here! Derrek. He's looking for you, Angelica. The others.... They're trying to keep him out, just go!" she yelled, shoving us quickly down the hall to the back door, Louis, Castiel and Zach right behind us.
  6. Running outside as quickly as possible, Castiel and Louis took hold of my hands, Zach scooping Christie up in his arms as we began to pick up speed. " auh-huh... This... This... This is so bad!" I panted, Castiel and Louis having to repeatedly tug me along. " It's okay, we're... We're all going to be fine!" Castiel assured me, though I sensed doubt in his voice. " Ow-huh." I cried, a sharp object launching into my calf, making me sprawl forward. As my body scraped against the sidewalk, I could taste the blood in my mouth.
  7. " Angelica!" I heard voices cry. I tried to crawl to my feet, my blonde hair hanging over my eyes as I got to my knees. A sharp pain in my leg sent me back down, a hand pressing down on my back. " Auh!" I cried out, tears leaping to my eyes as a foot stomped on my heel. " Shame you tried to run, baby. I hate to have to hurt you, but I got to teach you discipline." Derrek said, muffling my breaths by putting his hand over my mouth. Pulling me to my feet, he pressed my back against his chest, holding me tightly in his arms.
  8. " Let her go!" Castiel growled, the others wide-eyed as they watched him turn me around, forcing his lips against mine. " Auh!" I mumbled, trying to twist free from his grip, turning my head away from him. " Stop. It's simple. You either do what I want, or I kill Blaze right here, right now." he growled, turning my face back to him. " Auh.... Just... Just don't.. Don't hurt him. Or them." I pled, tears in my eyes as he gave a smile. " Don't do it, Angelica!" Blaze cried out, the others screaming the same thing. I couldn't let them get hurt, I just couldn't.
  9. " Cooperate." Derrek demanded. I gave a scared nod, reluctantly allowing him to kiss me, barely kissing him back, just enough to please him. " Get off of her!" I heard Louis yell, footsteps approaching us, but Derrek didn't seem to mind. " Get... Get off me." I frowned, his lips pressed against my neck, making me feel sick to my stomach. " Shut up." he hissed, hitting my face with the backside of his hand, my cheek burning as I gave a cry. " Let her go, now!" Louis hissed, running over to me, Derrek dropping me, ready to fight.
  10. " Well, well, well. What do we have here? You think you can take me on? She's mine." Derrek cackled, my eyes stinging as I pulled myself up to my feet, Castiel running over and catching me in his arms. " Guys... Get her out of here!" Louis insisted, crash tackling Derrek, both of them rolling around as they fought brutally. " No! Louis.. Derrek. Please just stop. I'll do whatever you want me to, Derrek. Just stop!" I sobbed, blood gushing from Louis's mouth as they continued to fight.
  11. " Too late for that. You should have just let me do what I wanted. Now... Now he's going to die for interfering!" Derrek hissed, taking a blade from his jacket pocket and stabbing it through his chest, Louis falling back in pain. " Noooo!" I shrieked, running over to his side, cradling his head in my hands, tears falling from my eyes down to his cheeks as I rested my forehead against his.
  12. ", please be okay." I cried uncontrollably, ripping a piece of cloth from his jacket and holding it over the wound, blood spewing from the gash. " See you later, suckers." Derrek cackled, running off as the others ran over to me and Louis.
  13. " Ange... Angelica." Louis whispered, resting his fingertips on my cheek, tears running down his face as I looked at him in tears. " Louis! Please stay with me. Please..." I pled, my body shaking as he looked at me with a sad smile. " Angelica.... I'm.. I'm sorry.. I... I'm not.... I...." he stammered, making me cry harder. " No! No! You won't leave me!! You can't! I need you! I need you here with me!" I croaked, holding onto his hand tightly as he cried too. " Angelica.... I.. I love you so... So much." he whispered faintly, his eyes drooping. " Stay with me! I love you too! Please.. Please just don't leave me." I cried, pressing my lips against his, knowing this might be my last time I get to kiss him.
  14. Loosely pressing his lips against mine, his body became limp, his hand sliding down my face and his lips no longer moving. " N... N... No.... NO!" I screeched, shaking uncontrollably, collapsing on top of him as I sobbed loudly, a couple of hands pressing against my back. Looking up, I saw Blaze, Castiel, Christie and Zach, all looking at me in tears, Zach almost as sad looking as I was.
  15. " I... I'm sorry Zach. I... I know he was a close friend of yours." I sniffed, taking a hold of Castiels hand and standing up. " Thanks.... Sorry. I know... I know this hurts you too." he sighed, pulling me into a tight hug, everyone joining in and crying.
  16. ***A few hours later***It's been a pretty rough couple of hours for me, losing Louis and all. It really hurts.... Like, REALLY hurts. He was so sweet, so spontaneous... So cute the way he would say the pickup lines Zach would tell him to say. I just didn't want to say goodbye. Not like that. When we went back to Jax's place, the others were cleaning up a couple of small wounds, nothing too bad. They'd all tried to comfort me, but it was a lost cause. Louis... Only he could cheer me up like that.
  17. Stepping outside, in the pouring rain, I took a seat on the porch, adorned in a loose flowy black dress, golden ribbon loose wrapped around it. I remembered how when I'd been on my date with him... He'd told me how he loved to come out in the rain and cry over whatever was bothering him. He said it calmed him down and relaxed him. I felt the same way, crying as his death replayed in my head over and over.
  18. " Angelica, my condolences." Daemon whispered to me, coming outside and taking a seat beside me, placing a hand on my knee to show he cared. " Thanks." I whispered. " Angelica. We're here for you!" I heard Amanda and Maddie cry out, running out with everyone else behind them. " You all are too sweet." I sniffed, giving them a group hug.
  19. " No, you're too sweet." Jax said, giving a smile as he took a seat beside me, nodding towards Christie. " Christie told me how you put yourself in danger to save everyone. I thank you, for not only protecting your friends, but for protecting Christie too." " It was no problem." I smiled, turning to Grayson. " Grayson... where did he go? Louis?" I asked. " Heaven. He went to Heaven, where he belongs. "
  20. ***Louis***Opening my eyes, I saw the beautiful clouds surrounding me. I was dead. I died kissing Angelica. That had to be traumatizing for her. I glanced around, spotting a few Guardians staring at me oddly, pointing and whispering to one another. Finally, an older looking Guardian walked over to me, with a smile. " Welcome, Louis. Thou art most intriguing, for thou hast somehow become a Guardian. The first mortal to do so, in fact."
  21. ***CLIFFHANGER***

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