How much do you know about Pokemon? (Gen. 1 - Gen. 5)

Just a few questions testing your knowledge of the Pokemon universe! It will range from questions about types, to questions about Gym leaders, and more! No cheating.

Lauren lifted her hand, placing over the top of the severed rabbits head. She stroked the tuft of fur at the top, a smile tugging ever-so-slightly at her lips. "I love the smell of blood," she whispered, voice low, eyes locked on the defiled creature. From outside, a wolf's howl rang out.

Created by: Knight

  1. Let's begin with something simple, I suppose. What is your Rival's default name in the Japanese version of Red?
  2. The eeveelutions Leafeon and Glaceon were introduced in which generation?
  3. What is the English name of the gym leader on Cinnabar Island?
  4. Pokemon Crystal Version is represented by which legendary?
  5. What are the Japanese names for the player characters in Black and White?
  6. What is the final evolution of male Snorunt?
  7. How much does a Delcatty weigh (metric)?
  8. What is Kyurem's secondary type?
  9. What is the Pokedex number of Poochyena?
  10. Which games allowed you to create secret hideouts above ground?
  11. What is Garchomp's hidden ability?
  12. What effect does the ability "Moody" have?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Pokemon? (Gen. 1 - Gen. 5)