The Definitive PokeTest

We've all played through Blaine's trivia game, and some of us wanted more... one of us (namely ME) decided to make this Pokemon Quiz. It covers a wide range of subjects and games, from TMs, Cities, Pokemon types and move types. See if you can be a true Pokemon Visionary. TAKE MY TEST!

Can you tell the difference between a Voltorb and a Pokeball? How about the difference between a Gengar and a Misdreavus? Find out if you're Pokemon League material and take my test!

Created by: Regal
  1. Currently to date, how many registered species of Pokemon are there?
  2. How many ways can an Eevee evolve?
  3. What attack types are Ghost type Pokemon immune to?
  4. Which of the following is NOT a One-Hit-K.O. move?
  5. When it comes to electric type Pokemon, this is the most powerful. Is it:
  6. In Ruby/Sapphire, this pokemon was the feline counter for Meowth and Persian.
  7. This is the only known Ground/Flying type Pokemon.
  8. Dragon types are only affected by Dragon-type moves?
  9. How effective are electric attacks against the Water/Flying type Gyrados?
  10. The item "Iron" increases which base stat of your Pokemon?
  11. The move Earthquake has no effect on flying foes?
  12. Only two Pokemon are obtainable by evolving with a Sun Stone. What are they?
  13. At what level does Mankey evolve into Primeape?
  14. What type(s) is a Metagross?
  15. In Kanto, what city is the Safari Zone located?
  16. In Gold/Silver/Crystal, how many gym badges can you collect in total?
  17. What rare item is needed in order to reach Lugia in the Whirl Islands?
  18. What level is Mewtwo when you first reach him inside Cerulean Cave?
  19. Which of the following Pokemon CANNOT learn the move "Drill Peck?"
  20. What move does TM 38 teach?

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