The Guardian: Part 9

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Hey guys! This is a VERY important part to this series, and I'd like to dedicate to two very nice gtq users, who have been here supporting me for nine, yes nine, parts of this series! Ericat and Weirdhead, thanks a lot!

Anyways, I'd like to thank Ericat for suggesting a love interest for Zach, Christie, a girl from one of her (amazing) series! I'm so proud to be able to use her in my story! * does an odd victory dance*

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. ***Castiels POV***" Castiel. You are to go get Angelica for me. Now." Daemon instructed, undoing my chains and handing me a small bracelet, a red rose attached. " Thanks, bro. I've always wanted a girly bracelet." I said, rolling my eyes as he gave a small laugh. " It's for Angelica, you bonehead. When you find her, insist she put it on. It will cause her to pass out, long enough for you to get her, but it won't hurt her." he explained. " Okay." I said with a shrug, closing my eyes and extending my wings. " Oh, and Castiel? Don't try anything stupid."***
  2. *** Angelica***" What's going on?" A feminine voice asked, coming from a pretty girl, with beautiful blonde hair that spiraled out into beautiful curls that delicately swayed back and forth as she walked. Her eyes were a striking color of blue, that made her look so sweet, yet I could sense she wasn't scared to tell her opinion. " Christie, it's... It's nothing. Just go sit down somewhere." Jax sighed, giving her a demanding look, yet she didn't seem fazed.
  3. " Jax, YOU go sit somewhere! Just tell me what's going on!" she insisted, looking over at Zach, who gave her a shy smile. " Blaze brought a few friends over to keep them safe. It's nothing, really. But... Would you mind getting Angelica some tea?" he asked her, her blonde hair bobbing up and down as she gave a vigorous nod. " Of course!" she grinned, running off to the kitchen. " Oh em gee! Zach! Are you blushing!?" Amanda asked with a giggle, studying him closer. " You are!" Maddie exclaimed, his face reddening even more. "Huh? Oh... Uh. No, no of course I'm not. Angelica and her freakin booty again." he muttered, making everyone but Jax laugh. "Huh?" Jax asked in confusion.
  4. "Nothing, you wouldn't get it." Zach said, Blaze giving a small laugh. " I don't think anyone gets it. You have a messed up mind." he laughed. " Who has a messed up mind?" Christie asked with a smile as she gave me a small glass of tea. " Zach." Blaze said, pointing over to Zach, who began to blush. " That's cute." she smiled, turning to face me. " Angelica, was it? Please tell me what's really going on, since my annoying cousin won't tell me." she said, taking a seat on the couch, motioning for me to sit by her. " I... I don't know.." "Tell me!" she yelled, blushing as Zach stared at her wide-eyed.
  5. "Oopsie! Sorry. Would you mind telling me, please?" she asked. " I'm Blazes Guardian Angel. My other friend, Castiel, who's not here at the moment,is Blazes other Guardian. He was kidnapped by his evil twin, Daemon, who's the son of the Devil." I explained, expecting her to look shocked, but instead she jumped about excitedly. "That's crazy cool! You are sooooo lucky! Wait... I sound crazy, don't I." she said with a little laugh, blushing as she turned to look at Zach shyly. " Oh em gee! You two are driving me insane! Zach, just ask the girl out! Jeez!" Amanda squealed, giving him a sharp shove over to Christie.
  6. " Uhm...." he mumbled, looking up at her shyly, turning to face me as I gave a nod of approval. " Would you like to go..." "I'D LOVE TO! I mean.... Uh, yeah, sure!" she giggled, blushing as he gave her nose a small kiss. " Great, you two are happy, now can we all shut up and focus on the important stuff?" Grayson asked in disgust, holding my wrist with a sigh, turning to look down at me. " Oops!" Christie laughed, smiling as Zach wrapped her in his arms, leaning down and kissing her nose again.
  7. " Auh." I gasped, throwing my hand to my head as a throbbing pain started to invade my head. " Angelica!?" Grayson asked worriedly, my legs giving out as I slumped down, Grayson grabbing me under my arms and pulling me up. " Is she okay?!" I heard Blaze ask worriedly. " I don't know!" "Calm down guys! This isn't helping..." Louis said, doing over and helping them carry me to another small couch.
  8. ***Castiels POV***Earth. I was back at last. I just had to find Angelica, and then everything would be fine. I closed my eyes, using what little power I had to track her, but her signal was weak. She was either hurt or dead. In fear, I quickly flew faster and faster, trying to reach where she was, but the entire time, the thought of her maybe being dead crossed my mind.***
  9. ***Blaze***She laid there, looking completely lifeless, her once Radiant skin a ghostly white as she barely breathed, giving a small gasp every few minutes. She looked so beautiful, even if she was so lifeless, which scared me. " Grayson.... You have to do something!" Amanda cried, her and Maddie huddled close together, tears in their eyes as he stood over her. " I... I can't. Only she can do anything about it." he sighed, kneeling beside her and crying, resting his head on her neck as he tried to keep calm.***
  10. ***Angelica***I slowly opened my eyes, surrounded in a vast area of nothingness, everything completely white, except for a dark figure, adorned in all black. " Angelica. You need to listen to me." they said. Daemon. " Why would I listen to you Daemon?" I asked him with a growl, scared by the sound of his laugh. " You need to. I'm the only one who can save you." he said, walking over and taking my hand in his. " What do you mean?" "Sorry to say this, but... You're really ill right now. I, being the son of Lucifer, have many powers, one being the power of healing." he explained, gently touching my forehead, his fingertips warming my face as he let them glide down to my chin. " What? Why would you help me?" I asked, slightly confused as he began to shut his eyes to concentrate. " Just because I'm evil doesn't mean I don't have a heart." he smiled, lifting his hands from my face. " You need to wake up, now." he whispered. " Thanks." I whispered back, giving his cheek a small kiss before waking up.
  11. My eyes slowly peeled open, everyone crowded around me, but one face in particular stuck out to me. "Castiel!" I gasped, running over to him, his arms spread out as I leapt into his warm embrace. " You had me scared to death! Don't you ever do that again!" he whispered into my ear, holding me tightly. " Are you okay? I... I saw what happened with Daemon. I already know you're here to take me to him." I said, lifting my fingers up and tracing the scars that lined his jawline, watching as he winced.
  12. " About that.... I have to. It's.... " " I know, Castiel. It's for our own good. I'll go." I sighed, pulling away and turning to face the others, everyone staring at me, tears in their eyes. " No... Angelica. You can't leave me here alone." Grayson sniffed, taking me into his embrace, making tears fall down my face like a waterfall. " I have to. I'll try my best to contact you any way I can." I sighed into his chest, pulling away and hugging Louis. " If I ever escape, you still owe me that ' Not-a-date-actually-it-is-a-date-' date." I smiled, holding him closely as he gave a nod. I then turned to Blaze, who looked heartbroken. " Please stay safe for me. Don't go getting yourself into any trouble." I whispered, giving his cheek a quick kiss before going over to Zach.
  13. " Zach, you better be good to Christie, and don't go talking about people's booties either." I said with a small laugh, giving him a small hug, his body shaking as he gave a small laugh. " Trust me, I will. Be good to her, not talk about booties." he chuckled, letting go of me and giving Christie a small hug as she stared at me, tears in her eyes. "S... Sorry. This is just too sad for me!" she sniffed. " Angelica.. I get that we just met but.. " " I know what you're trying to say, don't worry. I promise, when I come back, we'll talk." I told Jax, giving him a hug, before being attacked by Amanda and Maddie in a crazy hug. "Noooo! We'll miss you so much!" Amanda sobbed, Maddie nodding.
  14. " I'll miss you too. Both of you!" I said, hugging them tightly, their tears splashing down on my sweater, making me chuckle softly. " We better go before he thinks I've tried to do anything sneaky." Castiel suggested. " Just give me a second." I insisted, quickly scurrying over to a small desk that had a pen, going over and taking Everyone's hands. " Here, this is what you need to say to contact me." I said, writing a seperate word on each of their hands, turning to face Castiel. " Okay. I'm ready." I sighed, giving a small wave as I walked off with Castiel, hand in hand.
  15. ***Daemon***Hours passed before I heard anything from Castiel, but finally he arrived, Angelicas standing beside him with a tight smile, obviously forcing it, but it still was undeniably beautiful. " Good job, Castiel. You're free to leave." I dismissed him, taking Angelica by the hand. " Don't you dare hurt her." Castiel warned. " I would never do such a thing. Now be gone, before I change my mind." I sighed, smiling as he left.
  16. *** Zach's POV***Christie sat in my arms, tears in her blue eyes as she studied the word on her hand, then taking my hand and looking at the word on mine. " Hey. Look at the words." she frowned, pointing at them. On her hand, was written the word 'To.'I glanced at my hand, the word 'Break' on mine. " She's left us a message!" I cried out, me and Christie racing around to tell the others.
  17. ***Angelica***"Look, I'm not going to keep you here long. I just want to let you know the truth." Daemon explained, leading me into a dark room, small tealight candles the only thing providing light. " Go for it then. " I shrugged, taking a seat beside him on a bench. " You really enjoy rushing into things. It's cute." he smiled, taking my hand in his.
  18. ***CLIFFHANGER***sorry!

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