The Guardian: Part 4

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Hey everyone! So, this is part 4 of this lovely quiz! Honestly I'm surprised I got it out so fast. I'm going to try and do part five today too, but I don't know yet.

First off, I'd like to thank Ericat and Weirdhead for reading AND commenting on these, it really means a lot. Also. I want you all to let me know which guy from the series you like the most.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. He gently looked up at me, before giving a small laugh and giving me an unexpected kiss. His warm lips passionately pressed against mine, my eyes wide open as he quickly pulled away. "Oh. Um, sorry. Sorta lost it there for a second." he apologized, everyone in the room as shocked as I was, except for Maddie and Amanda, who cheered excitedly. " Sorry, but you two are so cute!" Amanda giggled, Maddie giving a nod in agreement.
  2. "It's fine." I said, giving a polite smile that caused him to blush. " Any questions? I mean, most mortals flip out at this point." Castiel said, Blaze giving a small shrug. " Not really. I mean... It all sort of makes sense, I guess. But... If you two are my Guardian Angels, why have you come now?" he asked. "Truthfully, we have no idea why we were told to come here. Usually, Guardians are sent to protect their Calling from danger, from bad love or to find true love." I explained to him, watching his smile falter for half a second. "Angelica.... Does that mean you never really cared about me? You were just trying to keep me safe? As a friend but nothing more?" he asked. It felt like he was basically tearing my heart out, it hurt that bad.
  3. "Blaze, can we talk about this later?" I asked him, feeling this overwhelming sensation that I wanted more time to be his. More time to be held in his arms and feel protected. "I'd rather talk now." he insisted. I looked over at the others, who gave awkward shrugs as answers. " Fine. Follow me." I sighed, leading him outside, taking him to my favorite place in this town, the place I'd seen on my first day on earth. "This place is amazing." he gasped, watching me with a smile as I gave a nod.
  4. "Yes. I love this place." I whispered, taking the tips of my fingers and brushing them against a wall of Ivy that fluttered perfectly in the afternoon breeze. "So, tell me what this meant. Tell me what happens to us. To our relationship." he sighed, wrapping his arms around my waist as he stood behind me with a small frown. "Blaze. To be honest with you, at first, all that mattered to me was getting through my mission and getting out of here. When you asked me out, I said yes, half because I had to, the other half because I felt this strange feeling, urging me to take a chance. Honestly, the better I get to know you, the more it hurts me to think I'll have to leave you." I sighed, turning to fall into his warm embrace.
  5. Taking me into his arms, he rocked me back and forth, giving small breaths that tickled the back of my neck each time he did. " Don't leave me then." he whispered, making tears leap to my eyes as I felt this odd wave of confusion wash over me. "I... I don't want to. I want to stay with you, to be in your embrace for as long as I can, but the day will come when I'll have to leave. When you'll find a good girl to take my place. You won't need me anymore, and I'll try my best to feel the same." I choked out through my tears, my heart racing as he shook his head. "That will never happen. I will never replace you. You are the light of my life, my sunshine. I want nothing more than to stay with you. Angelica, please don't do this to us. Castiel can't make us break up. Unless, you have feelings for him too, that is." he choked out.
  6. " I'll admit, I did like him, once upon a time ago. He was the only male Guardian my brother allowed near me. Honestly, I believe it was because they are best friends. I thought I knew what love was... But then... Then I met you and know what I felt for him was never love." I admitted, unable to keep my eyes off of him, not knowing how much I really wanted to kiss him until he kissed me. I immediately kissed back, giving in to each tempting kiss, giving in to each loving look he gave as we kissed. "Please never leave me." he pled, his hands placed on my face. "Please never let me go." I sighed, giving him another kiss.
  7. "I won't. Never. If I have to, I'll take you away from them all. I want you, I want us. I want this." he whispered through kisses, making me feel so loved, so happy... So great. "Do that. I only need you. Only us. Nobody else will ever matter." I whispered, gently rubbing his jaw line with a smile. "I never thought I'd be happy. You're the only girl I've ever asked out before. The only girl I've ever kissed. The only girl I went to check on in the girls restroom." he said, giving a small chuckle as I laughed with him. "That last part was still a little embarrassing." I giggled, putting my hands into his with a smile.
  8. "Angelica, please don't tell me we have to break up." he sighed, laying his forehead against mine with a sad look, a small tear falling down his face and mixing with my own tears. "I don't want to. It depends on why exactly me and Castiel were sent here. If it was to find you love, I'm afraid we'll have to. Interference and all." I sighed, trying not to fall in love any more than I already was. "Let's enjoy every moment together then, just in case." he whispered, smiling as I gave a vigorous nod.
  9. ***Twenty Minutes Later***"We should head back. They'll get worried." I suggested, watching him give a reluctant nod as I led us to the house, only stopping for a break at a small meadow. I smiled as I looked up at the sun-kissed sky, birds chirping excitedly, a certain bird landing on my shoulder. "This bird, it's liked me ever since I met it yesterday. I've seen it repeatedly, everywhere I go." I chuckled softly, rubbing it's chest with a smile. "Really? That's odd. Love birds don't usually interact with living beings too often." he said with a frown, studying it with a careful look. "Maybe it has to do with what the others won't tell me. They have some sort of secret, but won't let me know it." I admitted.
  10. "Really? Maybe we should try to get them to tell us. You deserve to know the truth." he insisted, keeping quiet the rest of the way to Louis's house. "You're back! Finally! Did you two smooch the whole time!?" Amanda asked, bouncing around excitedly as Maddie gave a giggle. "I bet they did! I bet it was like one of those whole last day together things!" Maddie squealed, the other guys frowning as they covered their ears. "Jeez, you two! Quit squealing!" Zach pled, rolling his eyes as they shook their heads. "Castiel. I want the truth. I know you all are hiding something from me, and I want to know what it is." I said, ignoring the girls constant begging to hear all of the details.
  11. "I... I don't know. We planned on doing this when your brother arrived, but.... He won't be here until tomorrow." Castiel said, frowning deeply as I gave a sharp glare. "I can't believe you all! How many secrets do you guys have!?" I snapped, throwing my hands up in rage. "Angelica! Fine. You want to know the truth!? The truth is, I didn't tell you because I knew you'd never like me if I told you the truth." he sighed, putting a hand over his face as he looked over at Louis for help. " The secret is, Angelica, Castiels father was the guy who killed your real parents. You're not just a Guardian, you're also the goddess of love." he sighed, watching as my eyes began to glare fiercely.
  12. "You lied to me this whole time!? Acting like I was only a Guardian!? Acting like you had no idea about Me? You left me in the dark this whole time and didn't ever even help me out a bit!? I can't believe you, Castiel! Why!?" I screamed, my blood boiling as he looked at me with tears in his eyes. "I did this for us, Angelica. You have no idea how bad it hurt me not to tell you, but if I did.... I knew there would be a chance you would hate me." he cried, taking my hands in his as he pulled me closer to him.
  13. " For us!? Are you insane?! Do you think trying to get all romantic will suddenly make me change my mind? Do you think I'll suddenly just calm down? Castiel, just... Just don't talk to me. Don't look at me. And don't even think about me." I hissed, running off to my room with a loud sob, feet pounding behind me as I slammed the door.
  14. "Angelica! It's just me and Maddie! Please let us in!" Amanda shouted from outside the door. Reluctantly, I swung it open, pulling them in before shutting it again. "Are you okay?" Maddie asked, taking a seat beside me on my bed as I shook my head. "I can't believe him. He made me wonder for so long who I truly was and he claims it was for love. Doesn't he get it? Doesn't he know I'm so helpless right now!?" I sobbed through tears, sniffing loudly. "What do you mean?" Amanda asked, giving me a small hug to calm me down. "I'm... I'm in love with all of them in their own ways. Not Brian or Ian, of course. I mean the others." I bawled, listening to Amanda give a laugh.
  15. " Why... Why are you laughing?" I asked with a frown. "Oh. I'm sorry! I just didn't expect this. I mean, I never thought you'd fall for Louis or Zach. I mean... Ew." she giggled, her laughter contagious as Maddie began to laugh too. "I'm really glad you can laugh at my problems like this." I said sarcastically, unable to hide the laughs building up inside me. " Don't worry, Angelica. For now, let's just focus on finding out what you're here for." Maddie sighed, both girls pulling me into a tight embrace before leaving me alone to think.
  16. ***Castiels POV***I felt awful for hurting Angelica so badly, but it was all to protect her. I knew she wasn't exactly over the moon about me anymore, but I was hoping maybe she'd change her mind soon. "I can't believe you upset her like that!" Blaze growled as soon as she ran off, only upsetting me more. "I never meant to hurt her. It was to protect her." I sighed, near tears until Maddie and Amanda came back. "Is she still mad?" I asked. "Sort of. I can't believe you did that to her! She really liked you and you basically just tore her heart out." Amanda huffed, slapping my face.***
  17. **Angelicas POV*** After an hour alone, I finally skulked back into the living room, everyone staring at me as I stormed through. " You okay?" Amanda asked, pulling me into a tight hug that made me laugh lightly. "I'm fine. Honestly, I overreacted." I said, frowning deeply as Brian and Ian gave flirtatious looks at me. " No you didn't. It was stupid of me to hide that from you. I really am sorry. I just was scared you'd think I was like my dad." Castiel sighed, giving me an apologetic look. "Your father. Who is he? Why did he kill my parents?" I asked, giving him a small hug before taking a seat beside Blaze.
  18. "Angelica. My father... He's.... He's the son of Lucifer, the Devil." he whispered, my eyes going wide as I stared at him blankly, unable to reply at all.
  19. ***CLIFFHANGER***sorry!

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