Wild Love (Part 2)

Hey guys! This is Part 2 of Wild Love! Sorry, it's been a while! I really do apologise and I'm going to get it up and going from now on! So Part 3 will be out as soon s possible! And I'll keep my word this time!

Previously, in Part 1: You were walking down the path to the mall. It felt as if someone was watching you, following you... Suddenly, you felt something vibrate in your pocket! But it was a text message from an unknown number... I wonder who it's from? Find out below!

Created by: Silver Flame

  1. You read the suspicious text aloud. "Hey babe, meet you at the mall :)" Your heart rate suddenly speeds up and a grin spreads across your face. "Oh my god! A secret admirer..." you think dreamily to yourself. Then suddenly, a pair of hands wraps around your neck. "Gimme' all your money!" Instantly, your feeling of panic died off. "Get off me Brooke!" you joked while playfully shoving her. "I've got something to show you!" Proudly, you showed her your phone. "Look who's got herself a secret admirer!" You expect Brooke to react with jealousy, but instead, she just laughs. "Why are you laughing?" You ask, slightly embarrassed. "Because, you idiot!" She takes a moment to calm herself down, "That's from Luke!" Your face goes a bright shade of red. "Wait, what?" you ask. Brooke, still laughing, replies, "I borrowed someones phone in the bathroom to tell him what happened, and then to text your number with a response!" You felt like such an idiot. "Oh," you reply blandly. "Wait," asks Brooke, "who'd you think it was?" "Um... I don't know..." you reply hesitantly. She then gives you that, 'I know you lying' look. "Well okay then.. whatever you say," She teases. You playfully punch her in the shoulder and carry on walking.
  2. "Oh the mall," began Brooke, "It's like heaven, but on earth!" You roll your eyes. You both walk excitedly into the Apple store. The expression on Brooke's face was priceless, I don't think her smile could get any bigger! "Okay, so here is a few hundred bucks from me," you say, sadly handing it over. "Oh thank you so much _______!" And she ran off faster than a little girl running to a toy store. Smiling, you headed towards the iPads, to see what apps they had. Then unexpectedly, you heard someone laugh. "That sounds familiar..." You mutter to yourself. As if you were a ninja, you snuck around the corner to see who it was. And you couldn't believe your eyes! It was those three hot guys from school! Feeling at risk of being seen, you popped behind the corner. Trying to steady your breathing, you gained enough courage to look once more. But they were gone! Panic suddenly took over. "Where are they?" you wondered. Then, out of nowhere, you heard "Who's the stalker now?" coming from a strange voice behind.
  3. Startled, you scream loudly, turn around and slap the first guy you see. "Um.. OUCH?!" Cries brown eyes. "Damn! She is feisty!" Teases blue eyes, clawing the air. Green eyes smirks. You roll your eyes. "Who are you?" You ask impatiently. "Well, I'm Chris," says blue eyes, extending his hand, "And the one you slapped is Brodie." "I'm so sorry!" you say apologetically. "Yeah.. well so is my face.." replies Brodie. His voice is sweet, and vulnerable. "And this, is Dylan," explains Chris, gesturing to green eyes. Dylan gives you a small, polite, yet sexy smile. You can't help but blush. "And what exactly do you want with me?" You demand, snapping back from you daydream. With shifty eyes, the guys exchange looks. Then Dylan reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a scrunched up piece of paper. "Just show up at this address at around seven, if you like to party," he says while placing the paper in your hand, his voice smooth and sexy, slightly mysterious. "But why?," You ask, "Why me? What's it for? Can my best friend come?" The guys begin to walk away. "Well?" You call. "It's just a party, and your invited!" replies Chris, with a hot, casual voice, "Oh! And your friend can come to!" And they were gone. "Well bye?" you call out hopelessly after them.
  4. You look down at the note. "No guy that hot just comes up to a reject like me and invites them to a party..." you think to yourself. "Hey _______, check out my new phone!" Says Brooke, partially gloating. "Yeah, that I paid for!" You say. "Hey, when someone offers to buy you a phone, you don't just turn that offer down!" replies Brooke defensively. "So, what did I miss?" she asks. "Well," you begin, "I was talking to those guys from school, Dylan, Brodie and Chris, and they invited me and you to a party?" You hand over the note. Brooke stands there, mouth hanging wide open. "Say what? Girl you kidding me?" She says in awe. "No, no i'm not kidding you.." you mumble. "Well c'mon then!" Yells Brooke excitedly, grabbing your hand, ready to pull you along, "lets go and buy some clothes!" "Gee Brooke," you answer, releasing yourself from Brooke's grip, "I'd love to, but, you just spent all my money, remember?" "Oh yeah..." replies Brooke depressingly, "Well how about I buy clothes, and you go home and get changed?" You can't help but laugh, "Ok then, I'll text you!" you call, running off. "See you in a bit!" Brooke calls after you.
  5. You get home in a hurry and look in your closet. What are you going to wear tonight?
  6. After an hour or so, you finally hear Brooke's loud footsteps trudging up the staircase. "I'm sorry I'm late!" She yells. You exit your room. "What were you doing?" you ask, slightly furious. "I'm sorry, I got kind of addicted to texting Luke again!" A chill went down your spine. There was something you didn't trust about him at all. "Oh," you reply plainly. "By the way..." says Brooke, almost guilty, "I invited Luke to the party..." You stare at her blankly. "What..." She whines, "it'll still be fun!" You sigh, "I can't stay made at you Brooke," you say with a smile taking over your face, "c'mon lets go!"
  7. It was a peaceful night. The wind had finally died down and was now nothing more that a calm breeze. The sky was a radiant shade of orange and pink, as the sun was setting for the day. Besides the chirping birds, it was quiet. A beautiful silence. Silence broken by the never ending clicking of Brooke's phone. "I love your dress by the way," you say awkwardly, almost afraid of the response. "Hmm? Oh, yeah.. thanks," she replies without looking up from her messages. Enraged, you snatch her phone from her hands. "HEY!" She instantly reacts by attempting to grab her phone back. "No! I brought this phone into your world, and I can just a easily take it out!" You joke. "Now can we please just interact with each other! You'll have plenty of time to 'talk' to Luke at the party!" Brooke sighs, "Your right, I'm sorry. But can I please have my phone back? I'll turn it off, I promise!" She then gives her well known puppy dog face. You laugh, "How could I say no to a face like that? Here you go," and you hand over her phone. "Thanks ________, so, what do you wanna talk about?" she asks. You think deeply for a moment. And, "Why do you like Luke so much?" bursts out. Brooke looks shocked, but she thinks about it. "Well, because he... Oh look! We're here!" She replies, avoiding the question. You frown, and pull out the note you were given from your pocket. "Yep! We're here!"
  8. Brooke offers to open the door. She turns the handle dramatically and to find behind none other than Brodie. His face lights up when he sees the two of you. "Hey _______! And it's brooke, right?" He says cheerily. "Yeah yeah, move already, I wanna go see my Lukey!" She say eagerly, while pushing her way past Brodie. "Well, she's a pleasure..." say Brodie, surprised. "Yeah, but I love her!" You respond. "Well, don't be shy, come on it!" Brodie says enthusiastically, gesturing inside. It's crowed and loud music is pumping like there's no tomorrow. "I didn't think there would be so many people here!" You yell. "We have our ways!" He yells back. "Lets go and find Dylan and Chris!" He yells once more, grabbing your hand to pull you along. You heart rate speeds up instantly. Weaving your way across the adrenaline filled dance floor, he looks back at you with his deep, puppy dog eyes and smiles gently at you. And you feel like your about to faint!
  9. "Hey! I found Chris and Dylan!" Yells Brodie, releasing your hand. A wave of sadness comes over you. "Why couldn't that last longer?" You whisper quietly to yourself. "Hey _______," both of them call out, Chris a little louder than Dylan. You and Brodie go over to meet them. "Hey guys!" You say happily, "Great party by the way!" "Thanks!" Yells Chris, "So whats up?" "Not much," you respond, "But I was kind of wondering why you invited me here?" Shocked at the question, they all exchange odd looks between one another. "Hey I know!" Adds Brodie, dodging the question, "how about, Dylan, goes and grabs you a drink?" He glances over at Dylan with a funny expression. "Okay..." you answer, confused, and you secretly watch as Chris puts something small in Dylan's hands. Dylan walks off awkwardly. "How about we go and dance?" Asks Chris. "Sure..." you say suspiciously.
  10. Moments later, Dylan returns. "Here's your drink," He says with a flicker in his eye. "Thanks," you say, grasping it. "You know I think I might go and find my best friend now... but this was nice!" You says as convincingly as you can. "Oh okay," Says Brodie, slightly upset. "We'll uh... see you soon!" Chris calls after you as your walking away. You look back, and you see that they are staring at you, sill watching you walk off. And suddenly, you realise that they were staring in your eyes the entire time! Confused, you scan the room, but no sign of Brooke. "I'll go and check outside," you think to yourself. You cautiously make your way outside to the patio. Not surprisingly, you see Luke and Brooke, about to swallow each others faces. You walk away and pretend to throw up. On the other side of the patio, it's surrounded in bushes, all around the edge. As quick as it was day, it was now night, and the stars lit up the sky above. Suddenly, as you were deep in though, you hear an unfamiliar rustling in the bushes. With quick reflexes, you turn around. "Hello? Anything or anyone there?" you say in a slightly scared tone. You hear it again! To the other direction, you say "Knock it off guys!" And again, once more! "It's probably just a cat," you think.
  11. The wind was picking up now. And it seemed like you were the only one here. The rustling was almost continuous, and you were convinced it was just a cat. Then, you stupidly decide to... CLIFFHANGER!!! So, even though they're all acting mysteriously, who do you like?

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